December 2006

Taking stock

Hello there! With the festive season in full swing this week, there have been fewer bloggers blogging and even fewer news stories to blog about. So the roundup is taking a week off, and there’ll be a two-week special next week. For this post, though, I thought I would take a look at what Scottish […]

SBR11: How not to bury bad news, and pre-election promises

It seems as though Garry is busy again this week, so I’m doing the roundup again. If Thursday was a good day to bury bad news, the government clearly needs to invest in some more effective spades because they did a shoddy job of it. Mark McDonald laments the press for concentrating on the shock […]

SBR10: John Reid loses his mind over independence

Well hello there! Sorry about last week. The funny thing about Christmas — that thing that’s supposed to be a holiday — is that everybody just seems to get stressed out, and we were all too busy to write a roundup! Never mind, because this week’s roundup is a bumper fortnight edition. And instead of […]

Back next week

Sorry, but there will be no roundup this week. That’s because everybody is too busy to write one. On the plus side, that means that everybody is too busy to read one. Get ready for a bumper roundup to appear next weekend!