SBR11: How not to bury bad news, and pre-election promises

It seems as though Garry is busy again this week, so I’m doing the roundup again.

If Thursday was a good day to bury bad news, the government clearly needs to invest in some more effective spades because they did a shoddy job of it. Mark McDonald laments the press for concentrating on the shock news that Princess Diana died in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Reactionary Snob is disgusted at the government’s decision to halt an investigation into corruption. It beggars belief! What kind of place is Blair turning the country into?!

Will P says that Nicol Stephen faces a tricky decision after May if he wants to be in the Scottish Executive. It appears as though a U-turn is on the cards.

Holyrood Watcher has noticed another interesting pre-election promise from another politician though. Alex Salmond has promised that the SNP would not raise taxes in an independent Scotland.

That’s a big commitment to make because Scottish Political News reckons that Scotland is spending more than it earns. And before you nationalists get your knickers in a twist, that’s including oil!

Like last week, Davie Hutchison has taken a look at senior Labour figures’ stances of Trident and the Iraq war. This time he dissects a blog post by Ewan Aitken.

Following the protest outside a convicted paedophile’s house last week, Cassilis takes a look at calls for a “Megan’s Law” in this country.

Fans of electoral systems will have been aware that there has been a bit of a debate about the exact format of the ballot papers for next year’s local elections, to be held under the Single Transferable Vote system. All of the sensible people wanted candidates listed in alphabetical order. But surprise surprise, Labour wanted to try and gain an advantage by having candidates grouped by political party. Labour lost that debate.

Already there are a lot of very unhappy Labour coouncillors who know they are on a shoogly peg. That peg got a lot more shoogly today.

Clairwil collects social statistics for the government. In this post, she tells us that she is forbidden from ticking certain boxes. Is somebody in debt? It couldn’t possibly be due to overspending!

Shuggy wonders about conservatives and marriage.

When there used to be a married man’s allowance, I was married. When the government scrapped them, I got divorced. Coincidence? Of course it is.

Bookdrunk has a post on the recent hoo-ha about British Airways and the cross. If Christian symbols are to be permitted, then other symbols may be permitted as well. This includes New Age crystals. The Daily Mail is not amused. It seems as though it should be one rule for Christians and another for everybody else.

Gordon is ranting’n’raving about the forthcoming improvements to the “clockwork orange”. But “Not by extending the network or doing improvements to stations or rolling stock.” It’s unthinkable in the modern age for people to be disconnected from telecommunications networks. But is that a good thing?

Finally, Mike Power shows us a video that has been viewed 1,093,748 times now, and asks, “why?

Alright, that’s your lot for this week! You might have noticed that I’ve added some MyBlogLog gubbins to the sidebar. Join the community if you wish.

I don’t know what the Christmas plans for the roundup are going to be. Knowing bloggers, they will still be posting just as much over the festive season, so we might well be sticking to the weekly format! So get those nominations in at scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com. Seeya later!

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