A few admin notes

This is just a little post about some of the plans for Scottish Roundup over the next little while.

By-election special

First of all we are going to have a Glasgow East by-election special to be posted when polls close on Thursday. That roundup will contain all the last-minute campaign and pre-poll thoughts and will be edited by me. Sunday’s roundup will cover the reaction to the result as well as all of the week’s other top posts as always. That one will be edited by Will P.

Non-political roundup

Longer term we will be experimenting a bit with the format. All too often non-political bloggers get perplexed whenever their post is included in what is ostensibly a ‘political’ roundup. So for a trial period of three months we will be keeping the weekly roundups for political posts. For non-political posts, there will be a monthly roundup which will be posted on the third Wednesday of each month.

It is just an experiment and might fall totally flat on its face, so all feedback will be appreciated! Any help with compiling it would also be greatly appreciated, as I know that I often struggle to cover the wide world of the Scottish blogosphere adequately enough outside of the political blogs.

All suggestions as always to scottishroundup@gmail.com, or you can use the form on the right. It would also be helpful if someone would be up for guest-editing a non-political roundup.

Spring clean

I’ll also be tinkering with the design a bit. Nothing major — just enough to refresh it and stop it from looking a bit tired. Is anyone particularly attached to the MyBlogLog thing? I’m thinking of getting rid of it.

Update: I also forgot to say that I will be deleting the user accounts of everyone who hasn’t been a guest-editor. The user accounts are only there for editors — you don’t need an account to comment. And a lot of the ‘users’ are spammers and the like so I’m going to delete them all. So if you signed up for a legitimate reason, don’t be alarmed if your login doesn’t work. Like I say though, everyone who’s been an editor in the past will keep their account.


  1. Poor show, sir, poor show. Relegating the so-called “perplexed” will only give the self righteous, self obsessed politicians and pundits more reason to think their low self esteem issues are deserving of publicity. For shame.

  2. I am glad that Scottish Roundup is giving more space to the non-political bloggers. A more representative overview of all types of blogs can only be a good thing. I look forward to finding new blogs to read. I’m also happy to recommend other Scots non political bloggers that I enjoy- so contact me if you need any more names (or check out my blogroll)

  3. Thanks Misssy M — I’ll make sure to get in contact with you when I’m compiling the first non-political roundup.