After Glasgow

Well, with Glasgow East being out of the way, there I was enjoying my lunchtime pint and wondering whom to mention first when the following extraordinary sentence leapt out of the Financial Times:

As we negotiate stiff gates and aggressive dogs, I talk to the living embodiment of new Conservatives – with a name that Private Eye would kill to have conceived: Anastasia Beaumont-Bott.

And sure enough, here she is, still with a Morningside accent according to the FT.

The FT may be a tad confused to hear about a blog entitled Adam Smith was a Socialist, although perhaps not, for the paper itself is a bit pinkish nowadays in more ways than one. Anyway, ASWAS writes about a different Fifer who may have his coat on a shoogly nail.

Meanwhile, Mr Eugenides mentions Mr Brown’s, err, lady friend. And in an earlier message Mr E sent our justice minister greetings from the land of the Edinburgh of the South. The justice minister should read this from I Dream of Haggis. Tory Councillor Jim Millar (with black belts in Karate and Kickboxing) also has suggestions for the minister. Less legislation please

Will warns us not to underestimate Cathy Jamieson in the latest running of the Scottish Labour Leadership Stakes. I wonder whom Ewan Aitken supports? Cybernat hears from yer actual voters while Lib Dem Councillor Fraser Macpherson explains that his party no longer sees eye to eye with their one-time partners. Here’s what Love and Garbage has to say.

Like others, I thought that Jeff was already a member of the SNP. Now he is. I wonder how Mr Macwhirter casts his vote.

A widely covered story this week concerns the forthcoming rebranding of Scotland’s trains. North to Leith has a go at George Foulkes. Understandably. And Indygal tells us that it was all Labour’s idea anyway! Our esteemed editor also joins in the fun. Staying on matters transportational, 1st Lady thinks that the Edinburgh tram chaos meme is rather overdone. Probably correct, and without it what would taxi drivers have to moan about? Two Doctors is pro-tram. Over in the other place Shuggy is concerned about English driving manners.

Bill Clinton once famously said: It’s the Economy, stupid. And it still is – even in Scotland – as Neil Craig points out. Kinglear tells us about the problems faced by those who could actually grow the economy. Calum Cashley isn’t impressed with Labour’s own internal financial workings and Scottish Unionist responds.

Meanwhile, from airlines to owls, Richard Havers keeps us informed about things that fly. For life’s not all about politics: it’s red hot on Arran and who wouldn’t like to own an island near Islay? What, no distillery… Then there’s this story from the Borders? What’s the world coming to, eh? And Ideas of Civilisation thinks that British scientists should be put to better use.

I used to work in the advertising industry and noted this from Bill Cameron about government ad campaigns. According to Adopted Domain, the Greens could promote themselves better by not sounding posh! Perhaps they just need a Mayfair advertising agency…

Stephen Glenn informs us that it’s Not Just Football Clubs that Overspend for Success. Stephen’s actually writing about political parties but I can’t help drawing readers’ attention to my hometown team’s stunning victory in their first outing against the big boys.

Finally, in a warning to all bloggers, we should note this:

A 2,000-year-old computer found in a Roman shipwreck was mainly used for asserting worthless classical opinions, scientists have learned.


  1. What a pleasant surprise to be included in a roundup, one might say that Politics isn’t our blogs strong(est) point…