The pre-post-election special non-special

Hello, and welcome to part 1 of this week’s roundup. That’s right. There was so much great bloggery to digest that I have decided to split the roundup into two parts. All the reaction to this week’s elections will be coming up later today in a bumper edition of the roundup. In the meantime, here is the slightly disappointing support act featuring what little non-election japes bloggers could bring themselves to write about this week.

Away from the excitement of elections, the economy continues to make itself noticed. Angus Nicolson was surprised by the Bank of England’s decision to cut interest rates by 1.5%.

Jamie Cooke has a balanced look at what the Scottish Conservatives need to do if they are to make headway in Scotland.

Stephen Bowman welcomes Margo MacDonald’s call for the legalisation of assisted suicide, saying he can accept no argument against a person’s right to die.

Caron notes that the Saltire should be a symbol for all Scots, not just the SNP.

Both Big Rab and Calum Carr cast their eyes over Larkhall, where sectarianism is apparently so bad that retailers who set up there eschew their normal green logos for blue adaptations. But reading Calum Carr’s post, is it so simple?

Angus Nicolson wonders what Jim Murphy was playing at when he leaked details of a potential bid for HBOS.

Bernard Salmon is wearily unsurprised that Donald Trump’s planning application has now been given the nod. Alannaonline has this take on it.

Clairwil points out that it’s the last chance to save Paddy’s Market.

Yousuf thinks he has worked out why governments find it so difficult to change anything.

Cabalamat picks up on the revelation that taking a photograph of yourself with a sword is now apparently a criminal offence.

James at Two Doctors wonders why support for the Greens does not appear to be correlated with concern about the environment.

Tom Harris shared his thoughts on the Poppy appeal after he filmed an interview without realising he wasn’t wearing a poppy.

In the wake of the Russell Brand / Jonathan Ross controversy, Richard Havers took a look at what he sees as the problem with the BBC and Radio 2 in particular. Alannaonline has this reaction to the hoo-ha.

Meanwhile, Clairwil has found something to get really enraged about — the treatment of disabled children in Turkish orphanages.

Surreptitious Evil has some thoughts on the BNP.

Alex Massie bemoans Hazel Blears’s comments about blogging. Meanwhile, in other navel-gazing news, Will Patterson looks at the role of Scottish Labour in the blogosphere.

Finally, congratulations to Iain Dale who got married this week.

Okay, that’s all the non-election stuff rounded up. Stay tuned for bloggers’ thoughts on the elections which will be coming up later today.

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