Learning good journalism, Scottish, Twitter and swears

Hello, and welcome to this month’s NoPoScoBloRo. Or non-political roundup if you like the old clunky, more more sensible way. This is our monthly look back at what’s been great in the world of Scottish blogging.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the standards of certain newspapers. See the latest political roundup for the reaction to the Sunday Express’s story about Dunblane survivors.

The Daily Mail has also been getting a deserved bit of stick though. Gary Marshall brilliantly weaves together several of the most ridiculous Daily Mail stories to show how one person might be endangering her life in the eyes of the Mail.

Thanks to Armin Grewe of IslayBlog (who, incidentally, will be hosting NoPoScoBloRo in a couple of months), we have a lorry-load of Islay related posts this month. Unfortunately, they didn’t come in this lorry which was created specifically for Islay’s needs.

The Islay Birds blog notes the presence of lapwings. Meanwhile, Armin has an appeal: Islay Pipe Band needs your support.

That post mentions Coffee Break Scottish, a course Radio Lingua Network to help you “learn Scottish”. All in aid of Comic Relief. John Connell knows someone who might find it useful. It even got some coverage in Germany.

Big Rab has this to add in the discussion about the Scots language / dialect / whatever you care to call it.

A tougher language to learn is Merkan. Mr Farty continues his series.

Twitter continues its inexorable rise. This month saw the first ever Edinburgh Tweetup. I was in attendance and can confirm that it was a great evening! Shame I had to catch the last train home. The Glasgow tweetup will be held next week.

Amy Palko looks at the rules of the playground on Twitter.

The rules are very much on the mind of Lis, who looks at the differences between Facebook status updates and microblogging on Twitter. This makes the recent redesign of Facebook to something more resembling Twitter a bit strange. But I have to plead guilty to automatically updating my Facebook status via Twitter.

Incidentally, in the comments to a recent roundup subrosa asked why Scottish Roundup doesn’t have a Twitter account. As I explained, I didn’t see what the purpose of one might be. At the same time, it seems a bit odd not to have a presence there. Does anyone else have any opinions on this?

Amid plans to restructure Scotland’s football leagues (again), a few bloggers have been throwing their two cents in. Will P has this plan of action to try and sort out the mess. Meanwhile, Jack Deighton wonders if the new proposals spell out the death of Scottish football (and there is a part 2).

Lots of people are talking about the film Watchmen at the moment. Not being a film buff I don’t know much about it, but I’m told that these reviews from The Other Side of the Mirror and Jay Stringer are worth reading.

Milo McLaughlin brings us a video of some crazy dancing instigated by Edinburgh band Found.

Neil McIntosh takes a look back at another great bevvy ad of his youth.

Jackie Walker looks at how an increasingly independent society has led to higher levels of divorce.

But John Kirriemuir has other relationship matters on his mind, as he tries to work out if he wants children. Maybe his mind will be made up if he reads about S-E-X and C-O-N-D-O-Ms at Nintendo and Chocolate.

Misssy M outlines some instances where children were a bit more forthcoming with their swears.

Billy The Kid notes a recent revision in the TV Licensing rules. Do you need a license simply for having an internet connection?

Mono has a complaint about Graze, whose product left a bad taste in the mouth.

Sara is worried about the security of Irn Bru. Let’s hope the recipe doesn’t get lost.

Scotland in the Gloaming has a great photograph taken from Haddington.

Amy Palko received a gift while walking along the Royal Mile.

And that is the non-political roundup for this month! Next month’s will be brought to you by Scott at Love and Garbage. As always, we could do with more nominations. So please get them in either by using the form on the right or by emailing scottishroundup@gmail.com. Thanks!


  1. Grand selection, really enjoyed. Some people are just natural writers and really ought to make money for their efforts. Thanks DV.

  2. Re: Twitter, I think you can get away with updating your Facebook status though Duncan, because you don’t talk quite as much nonsense as I do!

  3. Thanks for the name-check on ‘the other side of the mirror’. Nice to know that someone is reading my waffle. Keep up the good work, a lot of interesting blogs you’ve brought to light.