Polls, the Pope, AWS and the importance of the Lib Dem Conference

Ah, irony.  You’ve got to love it.  I’m back in the hotseat this week, and we begin with everyone’s favourite political party – the Lib Dems – and a round-up of their conference.


So, with that out of the way…

Just kidding.  The Liberal Democrat conference marked a first for the Scottish blogosphere, with Lib Dem footsoldier Stephen Glenn providing a live feed on each day’s action.  He also found time to comment on their youth wing – Liberal Youth Scotland – and the discussion of the ban on gay blood donation.  And, I am assured, he still had plenty time to drink.

Bernard Salmon also gave his thoughts on the blood ban discussion, the economy and Tavish Scott’s speech.  Political Dissuasion makes a return to blogging to agree with the Lib Dem Conference that independence should be “killed off” – for the moment while Richard Thomson is amused that the Lib Dems should talk for so long about something they think shouldn’t be talked about.  The Grumpy Spindoctor reports the SNP’s response…

Caron comments on the Lib Dem Conference broadcast – which she thinks misses out on a key issue (social housing) and laments the fact that she had to enjoy it from the comfort of her own home (get well soon!).  Justified Spinner thinks there were more Lib Dems (and indeed, Scottish Labourites) who stayed away from conference than actually went.  And no, he wasn’t there either.


Away from the Lib Dems and onward to (less) important matters.  Jeff paints the latest polls as a disaster for the SNP, Yousuf celebrates a major boost for Labour while James speculates on a future government if the poll were to be replicated in an election.

The Pope’s comments about condoms “aggrevating” the problem of HIV/AIDS have been met with varied reactions.  I present (what I think is!) a balanced piece and give my own view while Stephen is slightly more scathing in his analysis.  There are some who think the Pope makes sense on the issue, as this comment demonstrates.


After Brian Taylor’s piece citing the tensions in Airdrie & Shotts over the proposed imposition upon the local Labour party of an All-Woman Shortlist to replace John Reid as Labour candidate in the constituency, Will points out why it shouldn’t be necessary while Yousuf defends the principle and the discussion on my own piece raises some interesting points, dominated, as it is, by male voices.  Does this point to a lack of interest in politics among women or simply a lack of opportunity to get involved?  Or is it simply a reflection of my predominantly male readership?  I suspect the latter…

Jeff takes on the issue in this piece and is (fairly harshly, I think) accused of misogyny and sexism for suggesting that candidates should be selected on merit only.  Will comes to his defence in a second piece, arguing against AWS, which brings the circle back round to the start of the discussion.

Got to love politics – mass discussion, little agreement, no action.


Suitably Despairing compares the seagull problem to World War II.

Big Rab composes an ode to Fred Goodwin.

Ideas of Civilisation has an idea to improve our schools.

Lallands Peat Worrier on Margaret Curran no longer writing Labour’s 2011 manifesto.

Holyrood Watcher on slopping out.

Jeff & Subrosa on a quiet FMQs.

Advanced Media Watch on whether ex-pat Scots should be allowed to vote in Scottish Parliament elections.

The Steamie thinks the Big Lebowski is the Scottish Minister for Transport.

Will Patterson answers 20 questions on blogging.

And some of the jokes on Jeff’s piece about the proposed “Cow-Fart Tax” (I kid you not) will have you groaning until we do this again next week.

That’s it for this week.  Tune in again same place, probably about the same time, where Will Patterson is back in the editing seat.  Let him know if you have any suggestions for inclusions, by either filling out the wee boxey thing on the right or by emailing scottishroundup@gmail.com.  Arrabest!