Bloggers react to the death of Ian Tomlinson

Hello, and welcome to this week’s roundup. The Scottish Parliament might be in recess just now, but there have still been plenty of stories keeping bloggers glued to their keyboards.

Fresh video evidence surrounding the death of Ian Tomlinson has raised fresh questions about the conduct of the police during the G-20 protests. Malc thinks the policeman involved should be charged. James at Two Doctors thinks the death will end up being “the legacy of Brown’s vanity summit”. SSP Renfrewshire calls it murder.

But Shuggy thinks it’s the same old. Clairwil is similarly bemused by the online debates surrounding the issue.

FionaF recounts her few experiences with the police — and they’re not good. Caron turns her attention to the police tactic known as kettling.

Alex Massie is troubled by the fact that this incident would probably have got very little coverage had Ian Tomlinson not died shortly afterwards.

Mr Eugenides responds to one criticism that the libertarian blogosphere was slow to react to the video footage. Meanwhile, the decidedly libertarian David Farrer is suitably scathing. Cabalamat takes this closer look at a person’s political alignment may alter their reaction to an event.

The week started on a downer for the SNP as it was announced that Neil MacCormick had died. Richard Thomson provided his tribute from an SNP perspective. Mr Eugenides reflects from the point of view of a law buff. More tributes come from Will P and Lallands Peat Worrier.

On a happier note for the SNP, the party this week celebrated its 75th birthday. David has an excellent history of the party. Richard Thomson also brings us this retrospective.

There has been much embarrassment in Number 10 and the Labour blogosphere over those emails sent by Damian McBride. Labour MP Tom Harris has called the incident “inexcusable”. Meanwhile, Yousuf Hamid laments the failure of a “new politics” to ever emerge. For Stephen Glenn, it is inappropriate immaturity.

Amid yet more doom and gloom this week about the state of the Scottish press, Kirsty Connell takes a look at the state of local newspapers in Scotland.

Meanwhile, the economic arguments for independence have taken a bit of a hammering from a couple of bloggers this week. In the light of yet more problems hitting Ireland’s economy, Yousuf turns his attention to the arc of insolvency. Shuggy goes as far as to say, “There is, as far as I can see, absolutely nothing whatsoever that can be rescued from the wreckage that is the economic argument for independence.”

Mr H notes the closure of a tram-themed café. The closure has been blamed on — wait for it — the trams! You couldn’t make it up.

Jeff warns the Labour Party not to paint the Tories as toffs — especially when so many Labour politicians are embroiled in expenses scandals.

Cllr Fraser Macpherson looks at Vince Cable’s new book, and provides an overview of what the Lib Dems “called for first”.

Andrew Reeves has spotted that staff of the Crown Prosecution Service will be getting a £250 bonus — for getting to work in the snow.

Political Dissuasion returns to the issue of All Women Shortlists.

Bellgrove Belle outlines one of the things she does in her role as a councillor.

Finally, Malc has proposed another bloggers’ meet-up. Sounds good, and I’ll be there if I can. So if you want to meet us, keep an eye out for further details on Malc’s blog. I promise we’re not all like Derek Draper and Paul Staines…

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