Smears, Shipyards, Sorry, and Saltires

Political Roundup By Holyrood Patter

A very Glasgow based week on the Scottish blogosphere. The UK Cabinet rolled into Glasgow, but a lot the attention seemed to be on the activities of the cabinet ministers in the day, rather than the Q an A with 300 carefully selected Labour officials, sorry, the cross section of the public. Wardog’s   picture of tumbleweed says it all, and he wants to see if some of those involved in  the Q and A have labour membership cards.  Subrosa thinks Lord Mandelson should have to pay for a cheesy photo-shoot at knockhill.

The Mcbride smeargate scandal simply refuses to go away, and the comments of  a certain Herald Journalist fuelled the debate further, and led to a discussion on the nature of blogging. Kezia’s  response to this bizarre outburst was the most thought provoking and accurate by far.  For me, blogging is dwarfing the influence of the media because bloggers are explicitly biased, but journalists have a duty to be objective, which many ignore. Scottish Unionist talks of the age old SNP moaning about the media, with regards to the “infinity-gate” scandal, and Brian Taylor’s comments on Salmond being “stumped” by a maths question.  Justice was restored when the braces loving Arab apologised today.

In Other Web 2.0 news, Patrick Harvie had both praise and criticism in equal measure for his remarks on Dinner with Gordon.  Jeff was as relaxed about the whole affair as the PM allegedly was, while Richard Havers thinks its representative of Harvie’s all round character, which hes not a fan of.

The big story of the weekend was of course the SNP conference. The new slogan gets on the nerves of Yousuf  and Political Dissuasion, who thinks it gives the SNP a confused message.  I was thrilled to attend the bloggers breakfast, while Jeff has an interesting anecdote about a domain name.  My blog reviews the slogan unveiling and Nicolas speech,  and thingummy gives a brief but reflective summary of her conference.

Well I hope you enjoyed that roundup. I’ve been Holyrood Patter, next weeks roundup will be by… God knows. Alex Salmond, or Charlotte Church. Someone better than me in any case!


  1. Well done young man. Glad you enjoyed the bloggers breakfast. Nobody’s said much about it but yousuf did tweet he’d survived 🙂