Here comes the summer…

Right then, here we go, my first ScoBloRoPoNo. No. NoScoRoPoNo. No. Now I’ve got it, NoPoScoBloRo! While I’ve got plenty of experience writing the Islay Blogging Roundup (which was inspired by the Scottish Roundup) this is the first time I’m writing a NoPoScoBloRo. Hopefully I can take you on a journey through a few Scottish blogs (or related posts) and present you with a few interesting finds. Pour yourself a wee dram, open a bottle of Buckfast or a can of Irn-Bru, sit back and enjoy (that’s enough cliches. Ed.):

Let me start with the ultimate posting straight away. I know it’s risky as you might stop reading straight away, but that’s a risk I have to take. After all you might agree with Gary who now claims to have seen everything. Is there anything left to find in the wilds of the internet after that? Well, let’s see…

If you’ve decided to stop reading after that first link, how about you go and follow Gordon’s example and do something useful? Alternatively you could just join Big Rab and celebrate the championship (that’s assuming you’re supporting Dumbarton though). Alternatively just wait until 2012.

Food? Do I hear food? Well, Scotland for the Senses started the great Scottish tablet giveaway and a few days ago set the first ones free. There might still be a few left, so hurry if you want to get some.

If you need to walk all those calories off how about a bit of coastal walking? The Scottish Coastal Walk is close to completion, the most recent stage having been Clachanmore to Port Logan.

If that’s all too nice for you and you think all those MPs down on London are crooks, how about taking a look at Baron Bailie William Johnstone. What a nice man that. I don’t know if the same prices still apply to MPs, but in the very same blog you’ll also find what it costs to burn the average witch. Always good to know.

Time to cheer up again, a few pictures from one of my favourite blogs, Scotland in the Gloaming. How about a Loch Indaal Sunset (that’s the first Islay link you sneaked in. Ed.) or the fabulous Glowing Tent? Not enough yet? OK, have a Sunset Stump.

For regular reviews of places to visit in Edinburgh (including if/how they provide disabled access) try I Love Edinburgh.

Oh, almost forgot this, please make yourself familiar with the health and safety guidelines while reading this blog. You know the drill: Don’t read this blog in the bathtub with a computer plugged into the mains while standing on a swivel chair next to the open fire wearing high heel platform shoes and flared trousers which are flammable. And please Twitter Ye Not.

How was that with the people too stupid to organise a piss up in a brewery? Well, this is fairly close: Darroch tells the story of the Spirit of the West official dinner without whisky. Well, they did get their drams in the end, distillery managers are quite resourceful.

The Germans in the meantime find new friends on the west coast and even show a video about them: Ticks and Midges. Actually, he says that as of writing the entry last week while on holiday in Lochinver there were no midges to be seen in Assynt.

Jenny and Chris went fishing but ended up with sausages for lunch. She also has lots of pictures of Lambs on the rocks. No, that’s not some new drink. Speaking of animals, here’s a picture of a corncrake, a bird not many people get to see (that’s the second Islay link you smuggled in, that’s enough now. Ed.).

Anna is calling all international Scots, if you’re one of them get your crayons out and participate! Thinking about it, would this qualify as one of the 1000 new things?

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed at least one or two of the blogs (and read all the way down to here). On Sunday it’s back to the PoScoBloRo with Will Patterson, I’m told the next NoScoRoPoNo is going to come from the master himself, Duncan Stephen aka doctorvee. Night all.

PS: No, the title has nothing to do with the content really. I just liked it and the song was playing while I was finishing this post (excellent choice! Ed.).


  1. What a great site, with some wonderful links. Thanks for linking to me as well – the Great Scottish Tablet Giveaway is a great success!