Paedophiles Until You Prove Otherwise

Well the kneejerkism of Labour now looks like making Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood become a museum of modern culture as two stories this week seem to mark the possible end of childhood as bloggers know it.

The news that the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) is to bring in Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks for all adults who are regularly in touch with children sparked uproar across the blogopshere. Subrosa, a grandmother, called it the ‘anti-paedophile’ database, a way to get details of one in four of us. Giving the mother’s perspective is Caron surely as she writes these plans should be “such a relief” actually “err, actually, no. [She’ll] despair of it, in fact”. Jeff gave us five reasons why CRB checks will not be an effective tool against Paedophiles. I asked where are we going to find the police time and resources to carry out these checks and keep them updated, plus are they that accurate really as in the last year the number of errors doubled. There wasn’t much initially in favour of the scheme until Tom Harris trundled up saying he’d “take parents’ views on this issue much more seriously than those without children”, so no objectivity allowed then.

As if the possible difficulty of children to be involved in clubs, talented young chess players and bowlers having to wait until they are 18 to join and compete being examples cited, the Government then also wanted to change factual children’s TV. With a jerk of the other knee they are doing away with under 14’s appearing on TV unless they are singing, acting or dancing. What about shows like Blue Peter or Newsround etc I wrote.

The other big story to take the Political Blogosphere by storm was the fact that when Big Ben strikes 10 on Election Night we won’t get a result at some point through the night. News that more local authorities are looking at carrying out their counts on Friday in the day sparked a lot of response. Malc led the call to save Election Night, Tom Harris gives some reasons for a quick count, I give some different ones eventually (scroll to the end). Caronon the other hand recognising the personal fabulousness of the event isn’t too bothered if we know the final result by lunch or tea time on the Friday. So when we get to see the mano a mano cage fightbetween UKIP’s Nigel Farage and speaker Jon Bercow, which James thinks may see a Speaker defeated at the ballot box, is up in the air. But at least Labour and the Tories can be relieved that whatever time of night or day the count takes place there will still be indication of how well they are doing on the swingometer; not so fast says James.

Away from Westminster and unto Holyrood. Mr Eugenidespoints out how some pubs, including Parliament’s local, are getting round the new licensing law restriction on happy hour drinks’ pricing. Also suggesting a cunning plan for the MSPs who voted for. Still on the booze Underdog Bites Upwards has a honey I shrunk the blogger moment when he wonders have the aisles and bottles got bigger.

Caron was in her sick bed the other week when the legislative programme for this session was announced. Having emerged she asks why of all their election pledges is an almost certainly doomed push for referendum on independence the one they want to keep pushing? Jess the Dog just thinks Lord Foulkes’ latest questions on defence are just pathetic.

It may have been a big week for football in Scotland but not everyone was that bovvered. Jeff picks up on the Scotsman’s story seeming to take the view that it is important to be aware of constituents concerns for the national team, Duncan however praises human politicians who aren’t ‘identikit robots’ for the sake of politics. Mr Eugenides though points to the fact that ignorance-pointer-out-in-chief Frank McAveety use of the word Liberal is even more out of touch, by 21 years to be exact.

James tried in vainto lure the top Scottish Lib Dem bloggers to the Green Party. Though there was a range of Green issues raised by both sides. The public, or at least the writers to the Scotsman’s letter’s page, have picked up on compulsory purchase orders and Trumps intended use of them. Then there is also the news that the SNP’s green credentials, not to mention their child friendliness (this week’s theme), are in doubt following proposals of a road tax on bicycles. There is also a closer look at aircraft emmissions.

Neil Craig highlights some of the joys of modular housing. 

Clairwil points out that phenomenally protestors can sometimes be in the wrong place, at the wrong time for the wrong result.

You’ve noticed I’ve not mentioned Megrahi this week but Dark Lochnagar has a rather tough stance to take on Britain’s 9-11 style plotters.

Good news for us Scots though as Andrew Reeves points out. Not only are the Weggie men well endowed but we’re a well groomed nation.

Finally congratulations to Caron’s Musings on celebrating a birthday this week. Was it really three years ago I got asked, “How do I start a blog?”, tempus fugit.

Well that is it for this week, by the time Cabalamat compiles the next Political round-up I’ll be in a new decade as well as down in Bournemouth as party conference season continues. In the meantime there is a NoPoScoBloRo midweek so keep those nominations coming either through the nominate tool on the right, or an e-mail to Also Twitter users follow us @ScottishRoundup.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Stephen. Just to set the record straight I’m not a grandmother, although I do drop occasional hints. You’d think I would be at my age wouldn’t you as most of my friends have the pleasure of grandchildren. Never mind, my time will come.