The last ever NoPoScoBloRo

Hi everyone. Yes, it’s true. After a year, the non-political roundup experiment is being brought to an end. Most agreed that it was better to now re-merge the two roundups, so we will be reverting back to one roundup every Sunday covering the whole blogosphere.

In the meantime, though, there is still the past month of excellent blogging to get through, although it is a bit on the short side. Something to do with it being summer. Sort of. And the transition to the new way of doing things. Err. On we go.

Iain Hepburn outlined a stunning PR FAIL. The original post has now been removed, but you’ll get the idea.

As always, photobloggers have captured the imagination of those who have nominated blogs this month. There is this “Almost Daily Photo-Diary of Caithness”. If it rains later on this month, get in the pub. And watch out for this cheeky chappie.

Anas has a lengthy essay about his increasing disillusionment with music.

Something that would certainly make me disillusioned with music would be seeing U2 live. Gary Marshall wrote about his experience watching them perform at Hampden.

Of course, U2 weren’t the only ones putting on a dodgy performance at Hampden this month. Cruachan at Loose Change sums up all there is to say about Scotland’s World Cup challenge. For a slightly more lengthy take, check out Craigblog. For a very in-depth analysis, read Left Back in the Changing Room.

Richard Leyton muses on memory — a funny old thing, I agree.

For a change, Angry Steve was the calm one in this road rage incident.

I’ve been munching on a mince pie while compiling this roundup. Glad I’m not on my own in the early festivities. Mike Smith has noticed shopping channels preparing for Christmas in the middle of August.

On the back of the claim that haggis was actually invented in England, Finally Woken looked at Scottish attempts to claim customs as its own, and compares them with apparent attempts of Malaysia to claim Indonesian symbols as its own.

Redjotter has seen an application for swimming lessons which asks for the child’s name. How is that supposed to make adults wanting lessons feel?

Huttonian wrote about an old and unique bicycle.

And that’s it! And that’s the end of NoPoScoBloRo forever. Sorry the last one was a bit rubbish.

But please still get those nominations coming in, because the next time you can get interesting blogging featured will be this Sunday! So please do utilise the contact from on the right, or email us at Thanks!

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  1. I would just like to thank everyone who has edited this since I became aware of the blogosphere. Geez, I should like a wifey giving the vote of thanks at the Probus Club! (I’m not a member of Probus btw).