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Hello! Its time for another Scottish Roundup. I hope you all had a happy halloween and are battening down the hatches as we roll into rainy November. I’m wrapping up nice and warm, and consdering heating myself up with a tasty recipe or two from A Wee Bit of Cooking.

I’m not long back from the Green Party Conference where I was working as an exhibitor this weekend. Jeff wonders how people travelled to Dumfries without driving. Well, we took the car I have to admit. No other way to really lug the banners and boxes of leaflets I’m afraid. But I can report that lift sharing was encouraged, and there was a pin board to arrange this.

Another Conference taking place this weekend was the Scottish Liberal Democrats who met in private yesterday. What kind of secret spooky mojo were they getting up to? Caron reveals all – some tidying up of their constitution, and the small matter of whether to support an independence Referendum. The result? Computer says no. They will not back the current proposed referendum, raising concerns at the wording of the questions. A missed opportunity? But maybe things will be different in 2012, the year the Mayans propheised the world will end. (Also the subject of upcoming disaster flick 2012, which I will not miss due to my love for John Cusack, but I already know it’ll be terrible).

Elsewhere in Scottish Politics the Labour team at Holyrood had a shuffle this week. Calum pits the shadow cabinet and Ministers against their SNP counterparts. Yousuf talks about the changes and future challenges from the Labour end, while Mr Eugenides has a, well lets say less charitable, take on the swaps. Lallands Peat Worrier plays particular attention to the promotion of Des McNulty to the Education gig.

Campaigning continues in the battle for Glasgow North East as the by election draws ever closer.  A Labour Party member of staff in the Scottish Parliament made a bit of an error with the DL email function when trying to drum up some campaign workers. Andrew brings you the ‘oops!’  moment in full. Some may believe the SNP will sweep to victory following last years win in Glasgow East but Eddie Barnes says there is much work to do. Chris from Leaves on the Line ponders the large increase in registrations for postal votes and whether sopmething is amiss. Speaking of the Nats, turns out they are shapeshifter-esque and adapt to fit into their surroundings – who knew!

If you want to familiarise yourself with the runners and riders, including Smeato, Sheridan and the lad from Big Brother Rab McNeil and Andrew have detailed profiles.

At the UK level, the Governments chief drugs advisor, David Nutt, was sacked (by e-mail! Harsh, relationship breakups should be done face to face, not by phone/text/email) for comments he made about cannabis being less harmful than nicotine and tobacco. Two advisors also quit in protest at his treatment. A Place to Stand comments on Nutt not being prepared to lie about the science as most such “advisors” do & why legalisation is the sensible answer.   Tom Harris has a different take.

Moving on up to the European level and Tony Blairs bid to become president of the European Council. But should a Brit be in the top job given our record of working with the EU?

As I type this the X Factor results are coming in and the Irish twins, Jedward are safe. Hurrah! In a moment the complaints will start to pour in on Facebook and Twitter. The Twitterverse may have lost such top tweeters as Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen recently, but its proving to be a powerful force in fundraising according to Brian Inkster. Of course  you can follow us on the little blue bird @ScottishRoundup

So thats your lot for this week – please keep blogging and nominating the best of Scottish blogs, political or not. Whether you want to highlight a post by yourself, a friend, colleague, neighbour,neighbours cat. Especially if its by your neighbours cat, there aren’t enough felines blogging these days. Those pesky lolcats, they steal all the thunder on the interweb. Theres a box to the right to pop your suggestions in or you can email

Check in again next week when Andrew Reeves will be in the hotseat. Night!

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