The Macblogosphere round up, pull up a chair

Another week of some great blog posts across the Scottish blogosphere, covering the obvious topics such as the Glasgow North East by-election, MPs expenses and Remembrance Sunday but there are some obscure ones as well.

So, pull up a chair, get a drink and enjoy.

So, let us start as we should with Remembrance Sunday and poppies.  It is a day to remember those who given the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy the freedoms we do, whether it was during the world wars, Falklands, Iraq or even Afghanistan.

On Andrew Marr this morning it was said that someone from our Armed Forces has died in conflict every year bar one since the first world war.

Boxologies asks whether wearing a red poppy is a political statement, whereas over at Big Dollop we have Poppy political correctness gone mad and then there is the argument over whether an MSP should pay for their own wreaths, or not over at Advanced Media Watch, Subrosa and my little blog.

Finally back at Big Dollop we have the awful story from Glasgow of the couple who stole a full collecting tin for the poppy appeal.

This has been a busy week, and with it the 5th of November, Scottish Round Up’s own Duncan talks about an important anniversary, but not Guy Fawkes, read all about 100 years of Woolworths here at Doctor Vee.

Also this week there is still the continuing saga of the MPs expenses, Callum Cashley talks about the second homes of Ministers who also have grace and favour apartments and Dispatches from Paisley has a wry smile about the timing of a government paid advert and Mr Eugenides has a rant, but well written rant about the employment of spouses and other points.

Sill on MPs expenses, but this time moving onto the Kelly Report once again Mr Eugenides has a good piece about the report, and whether the MPs will argue for every penny they can.  Kezia Dugdale likes some of the Kelly recommendations, over at Blether with Brian, he talks about some comparisons with Holyrood’s expenses system and Tom Harris MP was pleased in part for missing some of the announcements.

Both Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting and Andrew Reeves talk about standing for two jobs in two legislatures and how the Kelly Report now stops that, what will John Lamont MSP do now and will he continue to embarrass the Conservatives?

This week has also seen a bad week in Afghanistan for the British Armed Forces with five of our soldiers murdered by one of the people they were training as Microshaft explains, Caron told us what she hoped Nick Clegg would say, across at Jess the Dog we wonder why British Ministers aren’t there as the fallen from conflicts arrive back in the UK.

Aye we can talks in detail about cannabis production in Scotland and the way it was reported on the BBC and staying with drugs, Shuggy blogs about the sacking of Professor Nutt.

Last week the Scottish Liberal Democrats had their Autumn one day conference which got a fair amount of press and blog coverage, especially because it was held in private, although I hate to disappoint, it was always a private conference as we were talking about our constitution long before the Independence debate was added!

Anyway, I digress, it was also the Green Party conference, and Two Doctors tells all.

Adding football into our round-up is always good although as flying rodent explains, all is not well on some terraces.

Thresher’s wine shops went into administration this week closing 53 shops across Scotland as some chap called Andrew explains.

Stephen writes on Linlithgow Journal about the Minister Scott Rennie, who was named herof the year at the Stonewall awards.

Yapping Yousuf throws Mayor’s into this weeks mix, specifically whether Scottish Mayor’s would work.

Phew, right about half way there now, still six topics to comes.

As I said at the start, it’s been a busy week and the Lisbon Treaty and Europe has been on the agenda of many blogs including Jess the Dog, who’s posting titled Brown, Blair, Cameron, Europe, Guy Fawkes, Tom Harris and the Berlin Wall caught me eye, while Chris Jones Leaves on the Line blog has a view and North to Leith has not one but two good postings, here and here.

The awful shootings of US soldiers at Fort Hood has generated further anguish in this week of remembrance.  Fitaloon at Microshaft hopes it is his last post about the deaths of soldiers for this week while Stephen’s aptly named post, the Enemy within is a moving piece.

You would think First Miister’s Questions would reach the Scottish Round Up more often than it does, but this week thanks to Lallands Peat Warrior coverage of the St. Andrew’s Day issue  it does and on the same issue Jeff accuses them of being party poopers.

The East Coast Main Line service is in the news this week, for various reasons, Wardog has a light hearted view as does Andrew Reeves, Will Patterson has a take on this, aptly Leaves on the Line has a view on this and GARL while Subrosa says this East Coast Main Line decision should be stopped.

Before I come to the final piece tonight I also wanted to mention Councillors and blogging and I have selected two that I think keep their local communities and constituents informed.  They are bizarrely both in Dundee, Councillor Richard McCready and Councillor Fraser Macpherson.

Now onto the final section, the Glasgow North East by-election.  This week we have seen Gordon Brown on the campaign trail, £2 coins thrown, candidates being born in two parts of Scotland and the big STV debate between the 4 main candidates, so here goes;

Fraser Macpherson kicks us off on the £2 coin saga, the Grumpy Spin Doctor talks about Glencraft and how the SNP must be ashamed, Will Patterson has the negative-o-meter post assessing how and what the candidates and parties are saying, Kezia Dugdale says that Leaders Lead and followers follow, Indygal goes to Holyrood talks about Willie Bain’s hypocrisy while Advanced Media Watch wants Willie Bain to talk about UK issues and has a wee pop at Alex Ferguson in a second post.

Andrew Reeves did a blow by blow account of the STV non live debate, while Caron covers Charles Kennedy on the campaign trail with Eileen Baxendale, David Torrance covers where David Kerr was born and Planet Politics says sit on it!

Joe Middleton’s Political News from Scotland has a You Tube of David Kerr to watch while Scot Goes Pop asks if this by-election is a free hit for the SNP and Scottish Tory Boy discovers David Kerr’s not local and the last laugh goes to Tom Harris MP on the issue of David Kerr asking the girl behind the ASDA fish counter – what do you sell? Erm fish.

The Steamie Blog is allowing candidates to have their say up to polling day.

Well, that was a mammoth round up and I really hope I have covered as many topics from a great selection of Scottish blogs.

Please do nominate stories as you go along through the week, including your own use the thingymajig on the right or email, there will be an extra round up for the by-election and then back to next Sunday. See you all later.