Happy New Year

Welcome to the first Roundup of 2010, traditionally a time for reflection on the year gone by, predictions for the year to come and a huge amount of good humoured festive fun.

Before we look at these, though, I should, unusually, draw your attention to an earlier post on this site introducing the Scotblogs Awards. Be sure to get your nominations and suggestions for the first phase in by 6pm on Wednesday 13th January. ScottishRoundUp+awards@gmail.com is the address for all awards related correspondence.

But now, back to those end of year reviews. Duncan’s top albums of the year introduced me to good music I’d never heard of while Islayblog looks back on a diverse blogging year and Brian Inkster gives a fascinating review of his project building homes for those living in poverty in Argentina.

The snow is still with us and while Subrosa and Better Oot than In print some beautiful photographs of snowy landscapes, Andrew warns that their innocent hobby could lead to trouble, especially if they don’t notice a Policeman has strayed into the shot.

The Big Event of New Year’s Day was, of course, the end of David Tennant’s tenure as the Doctor, which attracted comment from around the Blogosphere. Tom Harris , who deserves our congratulations on his 40th anniversary as a Who fan, loved it while I wasn’t so fussed and Stephen took us all in an entirely different direction

Bloggers have been dusting down their crystal balls to make predictions for next year and with a general election in the offing, political bloggers are uncharacteristically nervous and seem wary of predicting too many good things for their parties. Yousuf, with his party facing what we shall euphemistically call a challenging time concentrates on the SNP while Mr MacNumpty sees pitfalls for everybody and Stephen plays it safe. Kelvin’s diverse range of predictions cover the Church to Twitter to a new supermarket in Glasgow and, interestingly, he very positively predicts a hung Parliament. Freedom and Whisky takes a more satirical approach. Hythlodaeus predicts SNP gains at the expense of the Lib Dems. But then he also says the General Election will be on a Monday.  One thing we do know for sure is that it will be Easter soon – although Andrew argues it’s too soon to be selling eggs.

Hopes for the year ahead include rhythmaning who wants to see the BBC better serve jazz lovers in 2010 and Joan MacAlpine highlighting Stuart Cosgrove’s call for investment in Scotland’s digital media industry

Finally, Lallands Peat Worrier reminded us that 55 years ago on Hogmanay a child was born who would grow up to be our very own First Minister. It seems appropriate to end this by reminding you of another of his special talents.

May you and your’s have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2010. Next week, Roundup will be in the capable hands of Mr MacNumpty. Please send him lots of suggestions via the panel on the right of this page, or by e-mail to scottishroundup@gmail.com, or via Twitter @ScottishRoundup.

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