Voting is closed – results to be announced over the coming days

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in the Scotblogs awards. A staggering 1,651 votes were cast.

The plan now is to slowly reveal the results, with around two category winners per day being announced. Here is the schedule. Each day I will publish a list of the top five or ten blogs in a category.

Thursday 28 January

  • Politicians
  • Culture

Friday 29 January

  • SNP / pro-independence
  • Photography

Saturday 30 January

  • Liberal Democrat
  • Sport

Monday 1 February

  • Conservative / libertarian
  • Music
  • Hyperlocal

Tuesday 2 February

  • Journalist / mainstream media
  • Labour
  • Nature / environment / Green

Wednesday 3 February

  • Science / technology
  • Political

Thursday 4 February

  • Personal / general
  • Newcomer

Friday 5 February

  • Overall

No doubt I will have made some mistakes in my categorisation. Please let me know if you spot that I have put a blog in a category where it doesn’t belong.

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