Bonus award: Readers’ choice

Scotblogs Awards - Readers' choice

One of the things that really struck me as I was gathering votes was the large differences between the choices of the panellists and the choices of the voters. As the overall ranking depended on doing well on both lists, plenty of popular blogs ended up losing out.

As such, I thought it was worth mentioning those blogs that scored particularly well in one of the rankings, but ended up with a moderate overall ranking due to doing poorly in the other one.

The runaway winner of the readers’ poll was We Know SFA, with over 50% more votes than the second most popular blog. But just one panellist voted for it, sending the blog down to 16th place overall.

Likewise, music blog Peenko came second in the readers’ rankings, but only 33rd in the panellists’ rankings.

Three blogs were in the top ten in the readers’ rankings, but did not get the nod from any of the panellists: Newsnet Scotland, Scots Law News and What’s in Kelvin’s Head.

Additionally, four other blogs finished in the top ten among readers, but only garnered one vote from among the panellists: Gerry Hassan, Indygal goes to Holyrood, Subrosa and Ian Hamilton QC.

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