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  1. Delighted with my bronze medal- Kudos must go to Duncan for doing all of these awards- it must have been a huge undertaking. I look forward to checking out new blogs as a result.

  2. I am still pretty stunned, and don’t really know what to say. Except thank you very much! So many great blogs here, as well!

  3. Question: I haven’t been paying attention. What has happened to Cat, of The Cat Girls Speaks?

  4. Cat got called up at work over something she’d written on her (private) Facebook page, realised the spies were out, and decided her blogging days were over.

    A sad end to the whole thing, but not worth losing one’s job over.

  5. Oh Cat glad to know what has happened to your blog. Was a bit worried about you. Hope all is well in your world. XX