Top 100 Scottish blogs

Scotblogs Awards - Top 100 blog

First of all, a huge congratulations to all blogs that were involved in the Scotblogs Awards. Whether your blog secured a high position or not, this entire exercise has been a great way to discover new blogs — and it is because of every one of the 140-or-so blogs that were nominated.

A massive thanks must go to everyone who nominated a blog, all of those who contributed to the over 1,500 votes cast, and the panellists.

The great thing is that even more blogs have been submitted to Scottish Roundup since the deadline for entries closed. Each of them will be featured in the roundup in the coming weeks.

The wonderful diversity and the high quality of the blogs, right the way through the field, bodes well for the health of blogging in Scotland.

Below is the main list you have all been waiting for — the top 100 blogs. For information on the voting process, visit the Scotblogs Awards 2010 page. View the winners in other categories.

In the interests of full openness and transparency, I have decided to make all the data available for anyone who wishes to look at it. You can download them below in PDF or Excel format.


  1. Thanks for putting this together, not least so I can fill my reader up with a great bunch of new blogs 🙂 Very interesting to see that I have more readers than I thought I did lol.

  2. 88th? Damned statistics. If there was ever a case to convince me to go and do something more useful with my life, this listing was it. Thanks – I think.

  3. Oooh I know some of these people – but most of them are new shiny blogs I haven’t darkened the doors of yet. There’s goes March then!

  4. Ok I’m a year late on this but I’ve only just stumbled across this post lol. Just wanted to say great list of blogs and thanks for sharing, it’s still a good list! 🙂

  5. We’ve just started a blog(quite literally!) this is a great list to get some ideas on how to create an interesting and informative blog.
    Thanks for the great list,we’ve some studying to do now lol.