Dates, Dentists, Detectives and Ducklings

First of all a very big thank you to Lallands Peat Worrier for stepping in at the last minute to make sure you didn’t go without a Roundup. He’s written here about why he is a supporter of this site.

Secondly, we have some news from the Scottish Blogosphere. Roundup congratulates Subrosa on her success on having one of her posts translated into French and Italian by those nice people at Wikio. If you want to submit your blog to them, you can do so here.

A new Labour Blogger, Once More, with Feeling has appeared this week and given her thoughts on the impending Labour leadership election.

And now onto the Roundup proper, featuring, among other things, the alliterative range of subects in the headline.

In politics, Munguin’s Republic tackles the issue of Public Sector Pensions and wonders if the coalition government will make a difference.

There’s mixed news on the immigration front. On one hand, Stephen praises the Supreme Court’s decision against the “Discretion test” which allowed the removal of LGBT asylum seekers to face persecution in their home countries while Joan McAlpine brings the worrying news that Precious and Florence Mhango’s time may be running out and urges help for them.

Holyrood may be on holiday at the moment but Nick Clegg’s announcement that the AV referendum will be held on the same day as next year’s Scottish elections has caused controversy amongst bloggers. Jeff says we should accept it, The Shoogly Peg will be supporting AV, making the argument with some interesting bathtime analogies. Subrosa, however, fears that respect has become irreverence and First Person worries that the AV referendum will overshadow the Holyrood poll.

Looking forward to Holyrood, Lallands Peat Worrier thinks that Labour may be preparing to use the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbasset Ali Mohmet Al Megrahi features in Labour’s campaign plans. Jeff dusts off the crystal ball that said the General Election would take place in March and that the SNP would win Glenrothes to predict wipeout for the Liberal Democrats.

Andrew Reeves is concerned that the Holyrood Government is scrapping energy saving grants for homeowners.

There’s resistance in the Church of England over women becoming bishops. Working Hypothesis makes the thought provoking point that those who oppose the consecration of women are on the same continuum as those who think it is acceptable for men to beat women.

Is There a Plan B? recounts the problems she’s faced with finding a dentist, even a private one in Scotland.

In a Bun Dance has one of those health and safety gone mad stories – women in Glasgow being denied the wonderful tea and toast that’s the best comfort food in the world after giving birth because the toasters have set off the fire alarm.

Scots Whay Hae looks back at the life of Paul Reekie the musician and writer who died recently. Sticking with a literary theme, Big Beat from Badsville has a very entertaining dual perspective review of Val McDermid’s Fever of the Bone from Donna, the blog’s author, and her dad. Certainly makes me want to re-ignite my interest in crime fiction.

I’m sad to see the end of an era in Wick with the closure of the Town and County Club as reported by the Rabbit’s Eye View of the Hyperborean North.

The Vinyl Villain opens my eyes to a long forgotten Smiths track. Hopeman Man tells how a Prince CD given away with the Daily Record reminds him of his dad.

Turning to sport, I was sure I’d be able to find lots of posts about the World Cup Final which surely deserves a mention but it took a bit of searching and a plea on Twitter to elicit this from the Ben Lomond Free Press and Left Back in the Changing Room doesn’t subscribe to the fashionable notion that Spain are boring. Clearly that major event has not set the Scottish Blogosphere alight, but Stephen’s been keeping us up to date with British success in the Tour De France

My 11 year old animal loving daughter would never forgive me if I didn’t include Kilchoan’s heartwarming story of how a very lucky lucky duckling was rescued and adopted.

Keeping with the cute, school librarians were never this kind in my day – look at this super collection of bears Bear Bahoochie gave to her library monitors at the end of term. Ford is definitely my favourite.

I know it’s the middle of Summer, but the cold Winter nights will be on us sooner than we’d like. Glasgow Whisky Festival announces new highland participation in its event in November. Andrew reminds us what can happen, though, when people drink irresponsibly.

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