September 2010

Scotland the grave

A mixed bag this week, though on the whole a gloomy one.  Firstly, Alex Massie casts his sceptical eye over the possibility of a Lab-Lib coalition at Holyrood after May.  He warns that “the campaign will be a depressing auction between Labour and the SNP who will compete to promise greater levels of heroic resistance […]

Wanted: Scottish rounduppers!

You’ll all be familiar with the worthy collective venture that is the weekly Scottish Roundup. In the best spirit of civic nationalism, the roundup gives Scottishness its widest possible definition. When it is working at its best, weekly guest editors collate suggestions from the blog-reading public, make their own choices and often highlight a missed […]

“Will that be a twin room or a double, sir?

..I’ll just get you the keys after I’ve phoned the papers.” The William Hague story has caught the eye of most of us. Has the press gone too far this time? Ideas of Civilisation thinks so. As Edinburgh International Film Festival shifts its focus towards first and second-time filmmakers, there has been a collective call […]