“Will that be a twin room or a double, sir?

..I’ll just get you the keys after I’ve phoned the papers.” The William Hague story has caught the eye of most of us. Has the press gone too far this time? Ideas of Civilisation thinks so.

As Edinburgh International Film Festival shifts its focus towards first and second-time filmmakers, there has been a collective call to encourage others to get out and make movies, regardless of financial circumstances. Filmmaking at Edinburgh from Uncultured Critic

To whoever nominated this- thanks, it’s a welcome and different addition to The Roundup. Spooky tales from the gallows from Shootin Fae the Shin

Bella Caledonia mulls over the legend of William Wallace.Wallace, by contrast, was a gey complex case: myth folding on myth. The closer you got to his own day, the more mythical he got: Wallace in Flesh and Stone

Yeah Okay Bye on cheese etiquette  Yes, there is an etiquette surrounding cheese!

Caron from caron’s Musings believes that very often  common sense is flung out the window when it comes to “child safety”. Caron muses over the bureaucracy that could close a nursery in Fife. Despite my own over-anxiety as a mum, I realise that swaddling children in red tape is neither sensible nor effective.

Big Rab at the always wonderful Ben Lomond Free Press looks at the prolofereation of the word aspirational and asks what it really means.

Bright Green Scotland wins the best post title of the week award for sure.Why I superglued myself to the Royal Bank of Scotland

Three Scots political bloggers have joined forces to start a new blog . It’s called Better Nation and the contributors are bloggers you will know from SNP tactical Voting, Malc in the Burgh and Two Doctors. A fine pedigree.  Read their posts  here and here for a sample .

As a Mum and a dog owner the horrible news that a girl was attacked by three dogs in Dundee certainly got me thinking about responsible dog ownership.  Ellen asks what can be done to stop a repeat of the terrible attack by dogs on Rhianna Kidd in Dundee ?

Absolvitor discusses the news that the City of Edinburgh Council are embroiled in a complex legal fight to evict a community organisation from premises in the Craigmillar area of the city in Eviction and Equalities in Edinburgh

The Absurdist champions our libraries in the face of underfunding, under-use and, to make matters even worse, a severe drubbing from Quentin Letts on Radio 4

Let’s sing-a-long-a-Lallands-Pat-Worrier

Love and Garbage is even more excited than before about the trial of Tommy Sheridan now that Andy Coulson has been called as a witness

Andy G ends his stint at the tapas bar in Edinburgh but comes back with some stories.

Dark Lochnagar deals with groundbreaking, expensive  and fairly obvious scientific research

My real life person has  a new blog which allows me to write about kids stuff and this week’s post is about something that every Scottish mother has to cope with. Not sleep deprivation, colic or reflux, but the arrival of the Health Visitor


And now to what’s fast becoming my favourite part of the Roundup- the Blipfotos. So many of our established Scots  bloggers have a Blipfoto account as well.

Rab does

I do

David  Lewis does

Adelaide Green Porridge does

Andrew Reeves has a Flickr account

And some others just blog in their Blips. Like…

Meeester Feature

Alive and Kicking

Beefy Lorelei

Daisy Glaisy

In My Life

Stewart Bremner

Eco Dad


Lady Findhorn

Joe Blogs




It’s  a Dobb’s Life

That’s yer lot for this week. Lallands Peat Worrier takes over the reins of the Roundup for the next wee while. Keep blogging and nominating through this site, by Tweet on  Twitter @ScottishRoundup and via email scottishroundup@gmail.com Thanks to everyone who has nominated whilst I’ve been administrating. See you out there in Blogland.

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