Since it is the festive season I am going with some cheer and will leave the politics for the next weekly editor who will undoubtedly be better qualified to comment on such things.

And as Bundance points out Christmas needs a little help to be something to look forward to. You have to let yourself give into the magic of it. And maybe take a little time off like Softthistle is doing.

So let’s get tinselly and paper party hatted and go with it shall we? 

Or with this weather perhaps stopping by to enjoy a description of The Vegetable Assassin’s marvellous new winter coat and flying without wings is an idea, for the inspiration to maybe live a little more dangerously. Or safely considering the padding that features in a good winter coat.  While we are knee deep in the white stuff, see just how talented wild beavers are at coppicing and general grounds keeping. Nature does manage to outdo the humans quite often doesn’t it?  We rather assume we master it but really we are just dancing lightly over the top of things.  Mother Nature is definitely still the boss so we might as well keep walking and wonder at the winter wonderland she has laid on this year.  Yes, you never know what you might find and what heartstrings will be pulled while out on a walk in Scotland.

If being out and about in the freezing cold is too much then maybe it is time to join Bateau De Banane on the couch to watch reality tv.

If you are not a reality tv fan, would you like some music to snooze off your christmas dinner to?  Here is a possible number one everyone would be guaranteed to never forget. Or Love And Garbage’s choice.  If neither is quite your cup of aural tea then has a welter of choice choons to enjoy over the festive season from their musical advent calendar. Or perhaps a film to chomp chocolate in front of? How about Comfort And Joy?   A touch of culture might help with the indigestion. Like some soothing poetry. And choosing a book from the books picked as lastyearsgirl’s favourites of 2010. It was a good year by all accounts.  Or if the devil is in you, along with a surfeit of christmas pudding, there is always Numbers game to inflict on your nearest and dearest. Andy G is living dangerously without ever going near a snow mobile. Well done Andy!  I think I would have gone with a gift to apologise for barfing on someone rather than a mention in a blog post though.  For general safety purposes. 

And now, looking forward into next year with words and pictures.  Word Of The Day on facebook needs you!  Got a scots word you remember and would like to share?  Post it here for some group trips down memory lane and enthusiastic spelling debates.

And when the light comes back, the snow goes and you prise yourself back off the sofa?  Well here is a list of places to be and things to do/try courtesy of Scotland for the Senses.  It reminds me I still haven’t been to Culzean Castle.  Hopefully 2011 will be the year I go.

Before I go I will leave you with a couple who make me feel I shouldn’t complain about the snow.  Walker, Mercedes the polar bear’s new toy boy celebrated his 2nd birthday recently as photo documented by the very talented Aaron Sneddon. His whole flickr stream is definitely worth a flick through.  Beautiful stuff. The polar bear sets are a major favourite of mine.

Have a joyous festive season everyone and I hope Santa is good to you.  If you want to find me online for chats about polar bears and castles I live over here.  You are welcome any time.

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