A Guid New Year tae ane and a’

I had a notion, seeing as we do tend to get all nostalgic at this time of year, to see what the first Roundup of 2010 had said. I had completely forgotten that I’d written it.. It also dawned on me that next year, the Roundup will actually be published on New Year’s Day itself.

The last week of the year saw articles on subjects as diverse as A Scottish Liberal saying that Westminster should take a leaf out of Holyrood’s book as far as petitions are concerned, Freedom 2 Choose looks at calls for a relaxation of the smoking ban, James over at Better Nation looks at the death of Richard Holbrooke and his reported last words on the war in Afghanistan. and A Rabbit’s Eye View of the Hyperborean North tells of a bid by Caithness MP John Thurso to have some of the Pentland Firth lease revenue turned into a fund to benefit local communities in the north. The Burd, on the other hand, highlights the issue of the Weir Group’s illegal trading with Iraq and calls for those responsible to be named and shamed. A Place to Stand, meanwhile, talks about transport infrastructure proposals.

In terms of the year that’s just gone, Bright Green Scotland wishes your participation in choosing what they charmingly describe as (a word I can’t use or I’ll be contributing even more to the Swear Box my daughter has forced on me and Roundup doesn’t do expenses) of the Year.. In altogether brighter spirit, I list my Women of 2010. I asked on Twitter for people to submit their favourite blog posts of 2010 and this from Mummy Do That, on the problems parents (and particularly mothers) face securing flexible working arrangements was nominated by several people. In case of more snow, you might like to keep Kids, Craft and Chaos’s guide to igloo building close to hand.

People like to make predictions at the start of the year, and the Blogosphere is no exception. Kelvin, after moderate success last year, has had another go at predictions for church and state.. Will, among other things, predicts that whoever forms the Scottish Government in May will try to make a confidence and supply agreement as opposed to a full coalition, but refuses to accept anything as inevitable. SNP candidate Joan McAlpine thinks that the people will make the right choice for Scotland, although it remains to be seen whether they’ll agree with her.

Resolution making is another key feature of the first days of January. The Scottish Ambassador plans to speak Gaelic to the Americans – but not in Utah. In a Bun Dance has a smashing looking bucket list of things to do, although if she’d just keep the going to live in Cumbria one until later, that’d be good. We don’t want to lose her from the Scottish Blogosphere.

In that vain, we have lost a couple of our key players this year. Mr Eugenides stopped because he wasn’t angry enough (and we can’t even read his blog any more), Tom Harris stopped, possibly because maybe he might get too angry with Ed Miliband.

In 2010, Scottish Roundup brought you a smorgesbord of the best of Scottish blogging, covering everything from political drama and intrigue, to sporting tantrums and musical marvels. Whatever 2011 may have in store, you can be sure that we’ll continue to do the same. Thank you for all the support you have given us in terms of supplying nominations from such a wide range of blogs. We are always keen to expand the range of blogs and topics we cover, so if you can add to that, or if you fancy editing a Roundup yourself, let us know.

But we’re still officially on holiday, so enjoy a dram or several, finish all the festive treats and put your feet up until Wednesday. Happy New Year from all of us.

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