Robert Burns and other things that moved Scotland’s bloggers this week

In something of a departure, I’d like to start this week’s Roundup with the Court and Social section,

Huge congratulations to some-time Roundup editor Andrew Reeves who got married on Friday.

Meanwhile, sympathy to Kevin Holdsworth who is mourning the loss of Tilly.

Now to business… so we’ll crack on with the business section.

Craig McGill at Contently Managed discusses relationships in social media (no not that kind)

And, ahem, moving forward Mike Ritchie says buzz off to buzz words.

Media analysis up next.

Other Aberdeen scratches his (or perhaps her) head at the contradictory nature of the news.

Caron muses with great clarity on the reporting of issues around domestic violence.

Nocturnal Emissions complains about the complainers: “People just need to focus their energies in the right places … instead of waiting to leap on to the Offended Bus at the very first opportunity.”

Needless to say the Daily Mail features in his diatribe too.

This brings us neatly to the gender matters section or perhaps it should be “does gender matter?”.

Scot Goes Pop asks: “if gender isn’t an issue for the left, what is?”

Misssy M does an excellent job on Gray, Keys and the truth about banter.

In this section, because I think it’s a gender issue, Kids, Crafts and Chaos learns she’s a good enough mum.

Entertainment – and how entertained were you this week.

The Thumb Cast (see?), among other things,  reviews Boardwalk Empire, The Green Lantern, Black Swan, The Cape and the US version of Being Human.

Scots Whay Hae on why NEDs will confound your expectations.

To the beavers section (I’m in charge today, so this virtual newspaper can have any sections I like).

Suitably Desparing says: “You can have beavers, but only if they’re OUR beavers.

Sporting matters

The Scottish Football Blog on SPL TV

Politics corner.

Michael Traill opines that Scotland should keep 59 seats in the commons but cut their pay.


In A Bundance (AKA me) considers the rise or otherwise of the woolflaps.

Tommy time – (three years since you ask)

Lallands Peat Worrier records Sheridan’s sentencing.

At Better Nation, Catriona MacPhee considers Tango Tam’s place in our history.

And Love and Garbage gives the best incisive analysis I’ve read.

Burns Supper Supplement

Many bloggers were inspired by the Bard this week.

Alba Matters with Burns, baby burns (disco inferno)

A Scotsman in Japan on the other national tipple

Bear Bahoochie has her Burns Night pondering

Bella Caledonia asks what your favourite book on Burns is

And Susan K Mann is moved to her own poetry – Scotland