This has turned out to be Hyper Local Roundup.

Put aside the fact that I’m an adopted Aberdonian,  the majority of nominations came from Aberdeen this week- overwhelmingly. Could it be that Aberdeen is becoming the cultural hotspot I’ve always thought it would? I think so…. *punches the air*

I make no apology that we are so North East biased this week. It makes a wee change from it all being about “down there in the middle” *cough*. Let us have our wee moment in the sun- we don’t see it often.

Other Aberdeen looks at two cultural events going on in the so called Silver City at the moment:

“Another creative initiative operating to modify the mindscape of Aberdeen is the Extreme Aberdeen initiative; a grass-roots project involving more than 250 young people, “By Order of Me”

Full post here.

It’s crunch time (again) for Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens. “The City Garden Project will be debated at an emergency council meeting in the next two weeks amid concerns about the way the scheme was approved”

Read the full post from Save Union Terrace Garden  here.


Video blogging. Vlogging, if you will.

Fraser Denholm has released his video on the public this week called “Run Down Aberdeen”.

“Aberdeen is perceived as a wealthy city at the centre of the European Oil Industry with a high proportion of millionaires, highest average wage and highest house and rental prices in Scotland. However, on the other side of the equation it is a city with areas of multiple deprivation, insufficient infrastructure for the heavy industry it supports and a city council dealing with a £150 Million deficit.”

Watch the film here.

The making of director Scott Ironside’s drama Sticks and Stones is vlogged by Andy G:

See it here.

Robin of Batman and Robin fame arrives at Aberdeen College for his first day.

Watch his adventures here

On a less professional note I showed the world the intense relationship me and my dog have with one another. It’s really a cry for help (from me)

Watch it here.


Photo Blogging and Blipfotoing

Day of the Tripods captures two bands that hit the North East this week : The Script And McFly .

Soft Thistle welcomes the arrival of spring

Misssy M continues her collection of Weell Kent Characters of Aberdeen. This week she caught The Puppet Master and found out his evil secret. And The Lorelei singer, John S Martin who no doubt has evil secrets of his own.

Mr Neurosceptic muses on the inherent  manliness of his director Graeme:

DaisyGlaisy captures some sneaky reading from a self professed reluctant reader

Aberdeen legendary DJ Ulli’s last show on community radio station SHMU FM is celebrated by two blippers: It’s a Dobb’s Life and Meester Feature


Elsewhere in Scotland

We only had a few nominations from elsewhere in Scotland. So come on folks nominate more next week or we’ll just move the Scottish Parliament up here and be done with it! The first was for Pat Kane’s blog on Scottish comedy:

“As the Scottish election staggers to a slow run, as Japanese reactors shudder and Libyan despots fume, indeed as the whole crazy modern world beats incessantly on our foreheads, I will admit to one escapist pleasure that literally helps me through the lows of a day: really daft, unrepentantly quirky comedy.There are two Scottish practitioners, both embracing the web as props to their humour, that are particularly joy-inducing at the moment. Limmy you may know from his BBC Scotland comedy shows – and for me, he’s also one of the most interesting creative figures in the country at the moment. But for now, let me introduce you to the bathetic genius of Swatrick Payze, otherwise known as SwatPaz”.

Read full post here.

Mike Ritchie looks at “Churnalism” from the point of view of the PR person. Would that be the “churnee”?  “I’ve been following the conversations and reading a range of articles on the issue of “churnalism” – and I am struggling to work out what the fuss is all about.”

Read the full post here.

Ali George at The Edinburgh reporter tells us why we should stop messing about and get on with completing our census.

Read the full post here.

Scots Whay Hae takes a look back at Ken Loach’s Carla’s Song. “a beautiful performance from Oyanka Cabezasa as Carla, the mysterious woman who captures George’s heart. This was her first and last film role which makes her performance all the more extraordinary as she expresses the raw pain that accompanies the terrible trauma she has suffered in her home, the war-torn country of Nicaragua”

Read the full post here.

Finally an appeal- not only are we always looking for more nominations- especially for blogs we’ve not mentioned before, we are on the look out for new guest editors. Get in touch via the contact form on this page (over there to the right) of tweet us @ScottishRoundup and one of our administrators will be in touch to tell you what’s involved. Thanks to those who have already done so, we’ll be in touch this week.


  1. Super selection and I agree we should have a week now and again for those of us who don’t reside in the central belt. Then again, I would say that wouldn’t I? 🙂