Brrrrr: beavers, birds and a bundle of letters

There’s a nip in the air and a dusting of snow on the hills, so this week’s roundup starts on a seasonal note. A Wee Bit of Cooking rustles up some hearty fare to warm the cockles. Crystal Jigsaw enjoys the autumnal colours on Deeside (and gets a wave from Prince Charles). One Man Blogs, however, is concerned that he only has one free weekend until Christmas.

Our furry (and feathery) friends are preparing for the colder months ahead too. The Scottish Beaver Trial blog shows video footage of industrious beavers getting their lodge ready for winter. And Islay Birds reports on the mass of geese that have arrived to winter on the island.

As the nights draw in, it’s tempting to hunker down and ponder life, the universe and … parents. A bundle of letters teaches Ben Lomond Free Press something new about his dad – that, had he been alive today, he would have been a blogger. Out on Skye, Landscapes 365 is trying to piece together what sort of people his parents really were and regrets not asking them more questions.

TheCatGirlSpeaks faces a slightly different parental dilemma when her mother cancels lunch due to a bad case of piles.

In a Bun Dance is in a hot rage about cold callers. Dorkymum, meanwhile, is keeping a sense of humour as thieves, nosey parkers and snobs (in the guise of prospective buyers) traipse through her Morningside home.

On a more serious note, Oxfam Scotland’s blog reveals the human impact of the rising food prices in Scotland. Caron’s Musings isn’t shedding any tears for Gaddafi, but she’s appalled at the coverage of his death in the media. Freedom-2-Choose worries about the decision to jail a Rangers fan for being offensive on Facebook. And the McCormac Review makes It’s The Party Line stand up and defend teachers.

The Scottish Tory leadership race rages on. Alba Matters wonders what will happen to Murdo Fraser if he doesn’t win the contest. Are we looking at a genuine split on the centre-right? SCOT goes POP! asks his readers: if they were wise, who would the Scottish Conservatives elect as their new leader?

Finally, with Halloween around the corner, you might want to take a peek at Granny Ghost Hunter’s photos. They’re real, apparently.

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