Bye bye summer time, hello winter

Although the clocks went back last night (hopefully everyone remembered) time ticks on and this week The Absurdist turned 44. Speaking of getting older losing your keys, like what happened to Is There A Plan B, is surely a sign of old age? With us no longer on Summer Time Abriachan Garden Nursery writes about the turning of the season.

What would it be like to move from suburbia to a remote lodge? Mama’s Little Baby Loves shares her experience of moving from Birmingham to West Lodge. Or have you considered moving even further afield? All the best to Scott Allison who has moved to Silicon Valley this week.

Scotch Myths are explored on Bella Caledonia with Myth #1 being Scotland would lose its influence under independence. Lallands Peat Worrier considers the economic future of Scotland.

One of the funniest and sometimes weirdest aspects of blogging is finding out how people end up on your blog. On Oh Mammy we find the top five keyword searches for her blog, shows how worthwhile it is to look into your analytics to see what weird and wonderful keywords people have used to find your content.

It’s been a sports story thats taken over the back pages in Scotland and Paul McConville gives a brief 6000 word summary on the present legal position of Rangers FC and Craig Whyte. Serious situation for Scottish football and a great, detailed post by Paul.

Colonel Gaddafi was killed last week with videos of his final minutes broadcast on the news and images of his corpse plastered across the front pages. Love and Garbage looks at newspapers and dignity following the death of Colonel Gaddafi.

ABZ has a track-by-track guide to the debut album of Foxhunting called Come on Sweetheart, Take My Hand. The album was released on October 22nd and you can listen to a steam of the album on the ABZ post

Finally Subrosa shares one of the awesome videos from super talented trials biker Danny MacAskill, in this video Danny has a trip form Edinburgh to Skype – with a twist. Perfect viewing for a lazy Sunday.