Scottish Roundup: Blogging through 2011

Before we crack on with 2012, it’s time for a little look back at the past year on the Scottish Roundup.

And while we browse, here’s a video made by our chum Misssy M

January 2011
Do you remember the resolutions from way back then? How did you get on? Caron’s daughter forced her to resolve to swear less. How did you get on Caron?

February 2011
A change of pace one Sunday as the Roundup had a poetic feel. Then there was the reaction to Jim Devine. And Burdz Eye View took us around the world.

March 2011
March began overseas again, but this time it was the situation in Libya that was causing concern. And then being Scotland it was four seasons in one day. Ending much more locally with a Granite City special.

April 2011
A toe-tapping month with Misssy M looking at what the music bloggers were up to. As there was an election looming the manifestos deserved a mention.

May 2011
So the election came and went, what did the bloggers think of the New Scotland?

June 2011
This month brought news of the tragic death of popular blogger and friend to many Andrew Reeves. The new year can’t have been easy for those who mourn him.

July 2011
The sun was shining, holidays weren’t far away and so music was playing … and perhaps a little time to read the red tops. And still with papers, the hacking scandal was just around the corner.

August 2011

The nation should have still had its shorts and sunhats on, but, instead, there were riots. And later in the month the unsettled feeling wouldn’t go as The View From The Hills had it.

September 2011
Before you knew it the holidays were a dim memory and it was the tenth anniversary of 9/11. So perhaps it was appropriate that bloggers considered liberty the following week.

October 2011
Business as usual with zombies, flowers and other matters. There were more female voices that month too. And the nights began drawing in with talk of beavers, obviously.

November 2011

We took a pause to remember this month, but then wrote about it. And one of our number appeared on telly.

December 2011
Before anyone got their decorations out of the attic there was a strike. And then the wind blew before Santa brought his sack of goodies.

I hope you enjoy a little reflection – the Scottish blogosphere never fails to impress me with its variety and quality. Let’s make 2012 even better.

Please have a look at Caron’s post from September about how you can help the Roundup. The more volunteers, the better.

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