Scottish blog roundup: new thoughts cover old ground

Pic by Sunrise in Inverness by Dove via flickr from Scotland in the Gloaming

So 2012 is a week old already. Apparently this means most resolutions have already been broken and we have passed the most depressing day of the year. That out of the way we can get on with business as usual.

But before we get back to covering familiar ground I’d like to introduce LegaleagleMHM’s post about staring death in the face and how every moment is precious.

If that sounds like an epiphany, it probably was. Kelvin Holdsworth has an uplifting prayer for the original epiphany.

Resolutions, in the main, are bunk, but Wee Red Squirrel suggests one that might just catch on (or at least I hope it does).

Which I suppose brings us back to matters political. Caron Muses on the Wikio list of political blogs and finds the top Scottish ones. Well done all and, as Caron says, there are other contenders bubbling under.

As an aside, does anyone know if there is a Wikio (or similar) ranking for non-political Scottish blogs? There are so many startlingly good bloggers North of the Border, they deserve a section.

One of Caron’s bubblers, Nicola Prigg wades into the storm that began with a tweet from Diane Abbott. Tory Hoose joins the discussion with a little reminder of Ms Abbot’s past. Meanwhile, Caron wonders what all the fuss is about.

Subrosa argues that Scotland needs a new national anthem and that the First Minister should turn to the pipers for inspiration.

Before we leave the realm of politics, can I bring a post by Calton Hill to the table? The blogger goes “where angels fear to tread” and wonders if Jackie Baillie as a health spokesman should do more to lead by example. Fair comment or not?

Even assuming you still have a full complement of roof tiles, you can hardly have failed to notice that Son of Bawbag blew into town this week. Greener Leith takes stock of the storm.

If that’s all a bit, well, normal for January, never fear, there are some blogs that go aroving. Abyssinia, Henry’s Gumboot stamps through memories old and new.

Music Road shares Traiveller’s Joy by Emily Smith – simply lovely.

Arguably less sublime, The Perceptive Travel Blog highlights the Scotsman’s annual online haggis hunt. (Of course, it was in Delhi when I looked). And and a similarly archetypal vein, World Whisky Day is coming up.

And finally… the only post this week funny enough to make me snort coffee onto my keyboard. Shequeen the Absurdist on what memories are made of.

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