A hearty hotchpotch

The Scottish blogosphere was abuzz with talk of one thing this week. Yes, you’ve guessed it, independence. As news of a referendum in 2014 sunk in, bloggers got down to the detail.

Scot Goes Pop gives six shamelessly trivial reasons to vote for independence. Topping the list? Scotland will have its own entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Weegiewarbler argues that Scotland will be better off once it stops subsidising the UK defence budget to the tune of £2 billion a year. But Fraser Walker at Tory Hoose predicts major military problems for an independent Scotland.

Miserable Old Fart doesn’t think it should just be down to the YES voters to plan an independent Scotland. Caron’s Musings is pleased to see Alex Salmond accept that the Electoral Commission should oversee the referendum. Macafee’s Pleasance has a dream about Scotland and it turns out all right.

Meanwhile, Doug Daniel at Bella Caledonia believes that the majority of Scots don’t, as the polls suggest, want Devolution Max and that two and a half years is plenty of time to convince them they want independence. Clinically Fed Up worries that her dad will spend the next two and a half years yelling at the telly if the last few weeks are anything to go by. Will his blood pressure take it? The debate and the nation rage on.

It’s time to leave politics and head for the hills. Oh Inverted World takes a hike up the Hill of Wirren in frosty Aberdeenshire. Westcoastings (that’s me) goes to the wood in search of, err, wood. Walking Wild finds her new dog to be the perfect walking companion.

The mum’s have had a busy week. At Least Daddy Can Cook discovers running. Dorkymum knocks on the door of Number 10 to ask David Cameron to end extreme hunger. Is There A Plan B finds that she quite likes obedient children. And In A Bun Dance reckons if you want an adventurous child you should give it an adventurous name.

To finish on a high (musical) note, Wandering Educators reminds us that Celtic Connections got underway this week. Bigrab at Ben Lomond Free Press is held spellbound by banjo master Bela Fleck and Music Road waxes lyrical about the line up. Suitably inspired, I’ll be heading over next weekend.

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