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Well, only one topic really gripped Scots bloggers this week.  Stand by, everybody: it’s a Referendum Roundup! There were many differing views – although oddly, none of the nominated blogs argued in favour of the union. Do Unionists not read the Roundup?

Several of the constitutionally-focused posts had a reflective feel to them. Caroline at Macafee’s Pleasance mused on a dream she’d had, in which Alex Salmond drove a JCB into Holyrood, rescuing a Scotland which had become trapped in a neverending episode of DIY SOS. Though it made more sense the way she said it. Jeff of Better Nation felt the hand of history upon him, and hoped for poetry rather than partisanship from our politicians.

Two new blogs have been set up this week, each aiming to provide a space for debating the case for independence. If you’re musing over whether to vote Aye or Naw (do you think those will actually be the options on the paper?) then Colin’s new site Aye or No is for you. He’s currently in the Aye camp, but wants to hear opposing views. If you’ve already made up your mind that you’re voting Yes, then you might want to check out Aye 4 Scotland, which is saying a big Aye We Can to independence and wants the debate to be led by the people not the politicos.

Some bloggers were leaving the vision thing to others and getting into the detail of it all. Doug at Bella Caledonia was scotching what he says is the myth that Scotland really wants devo-max, and sharing a suspicion that the SNP have already decided it won’t be on the ballot paper.

And Miserable Old Fart, who is hopefully a bit cheerier than the name suggests, was wondering why Unionist parties don’t have a vision for a post-independent Scotland, since they’d presumably want a shot at running one if it came about.

So were there really no non-political blogs nominated this week? Well, no. I may have been exaggerating about that: there’s lots of other stuff too. For example, Poet on a Hill got lost coming off a motorway and Susan McNaughton summed up the stats from the latest Scotland Hour: a monthly event in which people tweet about their favourite bits of Scotland, in order to help tourists.

A slight digression at this point. Getting into the Roundup is an uncertain business. You have to think of a topic, write up your post, hope that somebody nominates it (or do it yourself, there’s no shame in it) and then hope that the editor of the week decides to include it (I don’t think there’s an anti-bribery policy, by the way. On a completely unrelated note, I’m next doing the Roundup on 25th February). Anyway, this week one reader decided to skip all that tomfoolery, and has succeeded in getting his/her comment on the blog by the simple method of sending it directly to us. And here it is:

“I saw the Northern Lights Ayrshire, near Auchenharvie, between 1957 and 58. Did anyone else see this?”

There. Now back to the blogs, and we’ll finish with a trio of Scotland’s finest ladybloggers (a term I have just invented, and intend to apply to myself from hereon in).

Dorky Mum has rediscovered the lost art of letter-writing and is loving it. You can’t put a glittery sticker on an email.

Ellen at In a Bun Dance has done us all a service by hosting a mental health blog carnival, bringing together some insightful, moving and informative blogs on a subject that for my money is the most important one there is.

And A Burdz Eye View pays homage to a man who had his own battles with the black dog, marking Burns Night by reminding us just how articulate he was.

“The past was bad, and the future hid, its good or ill untryd; O

But the present hour was in my pow’r, and so I would enjoy it, O”.

Quite. A pleasant Sunday to you all.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, much appreciated.
    I would just like to make a small correction to your article link. The Link Aye 4 Scotland takes you to my own blog, Auld Acquaintance. Not to Aye4Scotland.
    Currently Aye4Scotland is developing its own blog, and should be with us shortly. It also will have its own website in the next few weeks, just waiting for Logo designs and such things at present.
    Aye4Scotland is also on twitter and Facebook, come and join in.

    I am working also with the organisers for the March for Scottish Independence, taking place later this year In Edinburgh. Website forum is now Live,and also on FB.

    Meantime, you are all of course welcome to visit my Auld Acquaintance Blog any time.

    Aw ra Best