Troon, Turing and Intolerance

Morning all. The good people of the Roundup have foolishly left their back door open again, so I’ve sneaked into the opulent editor’s suite for a good rummage through the blog drawer. Here are the best posts I found inside.

We begin with Turing. The extraordinary codebreaker was vital in World War II’s victory, but he took his own life in 1954. Mairi at From Speaker’s Corner reflects on his conviction of the then-crime of homosexuality, the horrible medical interventions which tried to “fix” him and the arguments for and against an official government apology for his treatment.

And moving from an act that should never have been a crime to one which too often is not treated as one, Sarah Lauren Scott writes about her participation in an upcoming documentary about sexual violence.

We pause now for a public service announcement. This week, the Roundup has received several nominations for blogs rather than specific blogposts. As this is a roundup of the week’s best writing rather than a Top of the Pops style weekly chart, please remember to nominate a particular post. (For younger readers, Top of the Pops was a music show where pop stars mimed their hits and Radio 1 DJs cracked awful jokes. I miss it terribly).

Anyway, back to the blog drawer. As usual, quite a lot of people are exercised about politics, none more so than the Cybernats. They are unimpressed with David Cameron’s speech at the Conservative’s knees-up in Troon, and their sentiments are echoed by Justified Spinner, who takes issue with Iain Duncan Smith’s latest attack on the SNP.

This week saw not only the Tories’ tryst in Troon but also the (Os)Borne Budget. It’s a bit like the Bourne trilogy, only longer and less exciting. Aidan at Better Nation produced an impressive analysis that frankly went right over my head, my Higher Economics being but a distant memory of guns and butter. And the Burd followed up her budget scrutiny with some gentle lampooning of the Unionist parties’ choice of Yes campaign leaders.

From politics to poop, avoiding the temptation to draw an analogy between the two, oor ain Ellen at In a Bun Dance writes about her attempts to get her toddler to use a potty, and his sweetly firm determination not to.

And finally, the hands-down winner of the Post of the Week award that I’ve just invented and will probably forget about immediately, Ruth at Dorky Mum produces a moving and measured account of a visit to the West Bank. If you read nothing else this week, read this.

Right, I think I can hear someone coming, so I’d better tidy up all these blog posts and leg it. Cheerybye!

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