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Calton discovered the Scottish Roundup as a newbie blogger late last year and it introduced him to an amazing number of good Scottish blogs. Now it is his turn to share some of them with you.

Calton loves maps and National Collective has some really interesting ones made by superimposing Scottish maps on the map of Catalonia – another small nation with a devolved assembly and an independence movement. It was also the birthplace of Holyrood architect Enrico Miralles, which is a not necessarily a recommendation, depending on your opinion of the upturned boat at the bottom of the Royal Mile! Except the Kyes and Western Isles also has some good maps of old Inverness in a recent article about Cromwellian Forts.

Perhaps because Calton views the capital from the sky, he had completely missed the portraits of hoodies which have appeared on the sides of buildings. Fortunately blurofwoodsmoke hadn’t and has captured them for his blog. Scottish Art Blog showcases a wonderful picture of an owl from the 186th exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy. Two very different types of art and two very different venues. Both stunning.

Being a political blogger, Calton cannot avoid mentioning the council elections. George Stachura thinks that the Libdems need to hold their nerve. Calton wonders what they actually stand for these days. Liberal Sellout got Calton’s vote for the best blog post title of the election with ‘Dear Edinburgh Lib Dems: Do you want to die?‘  Mairi Campbell-Jack writes about the use of words in politics, which is of interest to all political bloggers. Calton is not sure that he agrees with Stevie Mach on the need for the pro-independence parties to have their own TV channel however Stevie makes a reasoned case for it. Check out his blog and make your own minds up. Looks like the new Labour administration of Aberdeen City Council are going to throw out plans for the new Union Street gardens. Suzanne Kelly of Aberdeen Voice will be happy.

Calton’s first (and hitherto only) appearance on the Scottish Roundup was for a controversial post he wrote on Jackie Baillie. (Which may, or may not, be the reason we never see her sitting behind Johann Lamont during FMQs these days.) This time it is Better Nation putting the boot in. Justifiably? On the evidence given, Calton would say yes.

Right, that’s the political bit over. Now for the really important stuff – food! Berry Scrumptious has a recipe for lemon curd layer cake and a photo to make your mouth water.  A wee bit of cooking has been making roasted beetroot salad which looks great with lamb chops. Susan K Mann made carrot and coriander soup with some carrots donated by a certain company who shall remain nameless (on this blog at any rate). Mrs Middleschmiddle was trying out economy gastronomy earlier in the year – hopefully she’ll post an update soon. Looks like Argyll and Bute Council have been economising on the school lunches according to NeverSeconds – the blog by an underfed schoolgirl which is taking the blogosphere by storm! Someone send that girl a food parcel!

Unlike last week, there were lots of blog nominations this week on a wide range of subjects so apologies for not managing to include them all. If your nomination hasn’t made the cut this week you can always resubmit it for a future roundup. Happy reading!

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