100% accu-rat

I’m writing this on my couch, a couch now covered in baby food thanks to Horatio (my poorly pet rat), who has just stuck his paws in the baby food I am feeding him. On the plus side, the couch covers are washable, so while I wait for him to finish his meal I thought I’d share my pick of this weeks web wonders with you, the lovely Scottish Roundup reader.

First off lets get the football out of the way. Even I ended up watching some of the Scottish Cup Final match between Hibs and Hearts and The Scottish Football blog nicely summed up the pre-match nerves for Hibs. The hype over this match made a nice change from hearing about the continuing saga that is Rangers attempt to stay in the SPL. Chris Graham reflects on the latest SFA decision regarding the club and how this might affect it’s future.

If the football news is affecting your mental health you are not alone, 1 in 4 of us will have mental health problems every year. Beauty from Pain shares her reflections on what she’d have missed if she had committed suicide and Touch&Tickle is running a Mental Health Carnival and is inviting us all to share our mental health experiences and stories.

Speaking of stories, for your reading pleasure Dorky Mum shares the first stories from her son. Loons and Quines, meanwhile, has been busy making props for her moose loose aboot this hoose themed storytelling session at her library. Felicity Martin shares a story from her dog who climbed her first Corbett (it’s the photos that make this one fab). Though if you fancy something more adult then have a read of View from the Pier’s interview with Donald Smith who is the director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Then head over to Tobar au Dualchais, an online collection of recording from across Scotland of things like stories, traditions, poems and songs.

Speaking of songs did you see episode 7 of Horrible Histories season 4? No? You should totally go and watch it right now. I’ll wait…. Back? Genius right. I just adore that Blue Blooded Blues song for the Scottish Stewart Kings and Queen. I’m also pro host Rattus Rattus.

From historical heroes to pop culture heroes. How many Super-heroines can you think of from comic books? Now how many of them aren’t wearing a sexy, but almost certainly, gravity defying impractical outfit? The only one I thought of was Supergran. The reason for this pondering? My recent quest to make three different mini super-heroines. I am not the only one struggling with the world’s gender stereotyping,  Transatlantic Blonde has been having a hard time finding stickers that don’t get her back up.

Finally, I want to dedicate this post to Jane Watson, who passed away on Thursday. She is the mother of Kids,Crafts and Chaos writer Clair and I can’t think of a better tribute than the one Clair wrote for her at the start of the month for her birthday. Warning folks you might need a hankie for this one.



  1. Thank you so much for including me. It’s great to be included in a blog that is not specific to mental health. Thank you! x