This week’s Diamonds of the Scottish blogosphere

The independence referendum has inspired many blogposts this week, some about process, some about the substance of the issues. I was a little vexed to find my picture on the Yes Scotland website – they eventually changed the way they were doing things. A Shoogly Peg said we should be talking about the substance, not the process. Jeff has a go at that on Better Nation, saying that an independent Scotland should forget the pound and the euro and launch its own currency. The Burd, frustrated at the lack of female voices in the media on this, suggested that women should demand our place at the table on this and other issues. Effie Deans fisks the Yes Scotland declaration.

EK McAlpine on Bright Green argues that women’s lifestyle magazines actually hate women.

One woman has had a lot of headlines this week. Whatever you think of the principle of the monarchy, most people agree that the Queen has done an exemplary job in her 60 years on the throne, not least all the main parties in Holyrood. Patrick Harvie had a slightly different view, which Edinburgh Eye examined and expanded on. After all, her dad’s worked for 60 years too.  Gerry Hassan sees no need to look back to 1952 and wish to see its values return.

Jeremy Hunt’s appearance at Leveson this week had Love and Garbage examining whether the Ministerial Code could be broken. Edinburgh Eye has an idea about where the Telegraph might have got the notion to go and bug Vince Cable.

Andy Coulson paid an unscheduled visit to Scotland courtesy of Strathclyde Police. Lallands Peat Worrier looks at Operation Rubicon and has a warning for bloggers.

Tory Hoose finds the policy cupboard a bit bare and suggests some new ideas are necessary.

On Sex Positive Parenting,  erstwhile Roundup editor A Lump in My Throat ponders when her daughter’s right to privacy begins – a dilemma shared by many online parents.

Many Scottish bloggers took part in Tipping Point on Friday, an exercise aimed at raising awareness through blogs and social media about the appalling and brutal massacres in Syria. Supermummy was one of them. If you click on no other link, make it that one, sign the Save the Children Petition and tell all your friends.

The football season may be over, but Fitba Thatba is unimpressed at the harsh treatment meted out to Arjen Robben by fans and colleagues alike and Hibs fan Sean McP reflects on the Cup Final.

Guns ‘n’ Roses were in Glasgow this week – and Transatlantic Blonde excitedly went to see them.

Next week’s editor Audrey Birt talks about the benefits of having a dog in your life.

And, last for this week, Tony Boaks has something A Trifle Bizarre.

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