So much more than politics!

When I put my hand up to edit this weeks roundup I was keen that it introduced me to a wider blogging world in Scotland and I do think it has. I like to think there is some thing here for everyone, thanks to the talent that is out there in the blogosphere.
Its impossible not to mention the Jubilee so I want to open with reflections on how the PR machine worked  for the Royal this week of the Jubilee from That Guy from Easterhouse offering a new reflection on the events and also how the Jubilee concert triggered my own pondering what the Queen and Kylie have in common, yes really! And staying on the theme of women EK McAlpine does a great job of myth busting when it comes to feminism.
There has been a growing call for politicians to up their game and Caron saw this through the eyes of her own children, in the school play written and performed by the children themselves. Also Lesley Riddoch looked at the effectiveness of the respective messages delivered by Ed vs Allan as the independence debate moves into a new faze. Meanwhile Dorky mum invites us to engage with a discussion on democracy, devolution and the constitution to encourage more active engagement with policy and politics. And I think there was mention of pandas too?
Staying on politics I was keen to find some wider issues and the Burd opens the discussion around teachers pensions, with the question of whether the EIS are picking the right fight. And reading this next blog on Todayoutoften teaching schoolchildren about sex, gives an insight into how teachers are challenging themselves to get it right, in a sensitive environment.
But this week it’s been so much more than politics.My final mention of the jubilee is a fabulous wildlife blog from the May Island on June 6 on what jubilee celebrations meant to them in a remote island….I wonder where they found that bunting, don’t miss the pics.  In poetic mood the Shequeen blogged from Arthur’s seat about a natural gem in the middle of a City. And Ian Smart showed that even lefty lawyers can have artistic sides;-).

The Burd also knows her football and politics and blogs on the challenges of Euro 2012.  But if you need respite from the football, a spine tingling blog by Rose Garnett takes us into the Meadows,to get all you can eat, not for after dark!  Gluttons for Punishment also takes us into the dark arts, this time its of of cake eating….be warned there are tempting cake photos in this one. This week the transatlantic blond shows us how to go viral on twitter and how a private conversation can find you out, it’s a morality tale really….
And finally the Edinbra Moonwalk is in town and Ellen treats us to how she got to the finish line last time she did it. Interesting choices Ellen! Last nights rain will mean the walkers will have needed every hint to survive.And if you want to understand why women from all over Scotland and beyond trail the wet streets of Auld Reekie at midnight. Here’s one from my archives, it’s from the heart.

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