Music, Film and Scotland’s Future

Last week, we had the furore over Argyll and Bute Council banning Martha Payne taking photographs of her school lunches but she was back this week with her latest lunches and on her Friday post said the she found it difficult to take a photo that day. I hope it wasn’t because of the ban.

Todayoutof10 reveals the excitement and thrill of attending a … Gary Numan gig. Apparently Gary Numan is the new Gary Numan. Who’d have thought it?

Phil Spector manages to review not 1, not 2 but 3 songs in his latest offering. The 3 songs are It’s Written in the Stars, Born Under a Bad Sign and Born Under a Good Sign. I have to say, I hadn’t heard of the last two records but will certainly be checking them out now.

Talking of checking new music out, I came across a fantastic Gaelic musician Julie Fowlis over on Music Road’s Kerry Dexter‘s new post. He tells the story of how the producers of new animation Brave, kept coming over to Scotland scouring the Scottish music scene to find a quality score. Julie’s music swept them off their feet and Julie’s music landed in a new Hollywood blockbuster movie. Meanwhile Caron can’t believe that the First Minister has the time to fly out to LA for a movie premiere but not to see the Dalai Lama on home soil. One wonders about Salmond’s priorities.

Talking of movies, Ellen reviews Angels Share and Misssy Martin asks us to vote for the kids’ film My Granda is a Zombie in The Northern Lights competition for the people’s choice award.

Scotland’s future will be taking up a significant amount of the blogosphere between now and 2014. This week, Lallands Peat Worrier wondered what was going on inside the head of Alex Salmond. Asking what really is behind Salmond’s desire for a second option on the ballot paper. Dom Hinde, guest blogs over at Better Nation, telling us that if we wish to know what the proposed Devo Max looks like, then we should look to the Faroe Islands. Meanwhile, Kate Higgins takes a more reflective view in her 500th post, takes stock of where are at the moment in the midst of the eurozone crisis with perhaps “signs of roots and shoots in the Scottish economy”, the value of modern apprenticeships and the need for an aspirational leader, Obama style to give us dreams, ideas and thrills to come out of the shadows give us hope, and confidence to travel in a new direction and lead us there.

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