Raising awareness

This is another week when the blogosphere brought lots of issues into focus.

Scottish Mental Health week was celebrated. The Beauty from Pain blog has a series of posts covering peer support, mental health first aid, depression, promotional materials and NHS resources. Sharabelle talks about day to day life with anxiety disorder. Dave Watson looks at issues related to employment.

The controversial and emotive issue of abortion raised its head this week. When Jeremy Hunt gave his unsolicited views that the time limit should be reduced to 12 weeks, it was inevitable before the same question was asked north of the Border. Alex Neil’s answer left The Shoogly Peg feeling frightened, angry and unsettled. The Burd was worried he’d actually cost the nationalists the referendum. My view is that the last thing we need is some cross border bidding war.

Last Year’s Girl is annoyed at Caitlin Moran for not appreciating her own position of privilege when asked about the under-representation of black women in the media.

Edinburgh Eye looks beyond World Porridge Day and highlights how rich people speculating on the food markets pushes up prices and means that the poorest can’t afford food.

The deal on the referendum process has finally been done, so long as David Cameron and Alex Salmond don’t undo Mike Moore’s and Nicola Sturgeon’s fine work. While many will be pleased to see that 16 and 17 year olds will get their first vote, Duncan Hothersall is concerned that that will not be administered properly, meaning some may lose out.

Dave McCraw is incensed about proposals to build walls separating communities in Edinburgh.

Rookieoven is unhappy with sloppy use of social media.

It’s the school holidays, and if you are looking for something to do, In a Bun Dance loved the Enchanted Forest.

Finally, a poem, The Lemon Dress,  from Tartan Tights, about growing up in the 70s with a secret.

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