An Eclectic Mix!

This week we have a really eclectic mix of posts.

Its getting close to the end of the year and Urban Fly Fisher has an entertaining review of the 2012 fly-fishing season.

Welcome to Scotland are already building up to 2014 and the Ryder Cup.

In 2014, there is another big political event happening in the form of the independence referendum, just in case you haven’t heard. Andrew Page & Better Nation both have the low-down on the Edinburgh Agreement. The agreement has ended all those arguments over process so now the real battle for independence begins.

Alex Salmond, who was one of the signatories of the Edinburgh Agreement on Monday but he’s been in Perth this weekend for his party’s conference. One key debate thats being going at the conference has been the debate over the SNP’s NATO policy. Would delegates support the SNPs u-turn on agreeing to be part of this nuclear alliance? Kate Higgins was at the conference and found out what the delegates thought.

The abortion debate has been in the news following Jeremy Hunt saying that he supports a reduction in the abortion time limit to 12-weeks. Edinburgh Eye came out with a strong rebuttal to lefty commentator Medhi Hasan’s support for a reduction in the abortion time-limit.

From sexism in the abortion debate to sexism in the workplace, MisssyMartin looks at the culture of sexism in the workplace following the Jimmy Savile allegations & of sexual harassment at the BBC.  She reflects on her own experience of sexual harassment and how difficult she and her fellow co-workers found it to speak out against sexist “banter” particularly when the “banter” came from her boss at the time.

Matt Baker clearly isn’t sexist. NeverSeconds found Matt ironing his own shirt (something that I very rarely do) backstage before her appearance on the One Show. That’s just one of the juicy secrets that Martha reveals in her blog about meeting Jamie Oliver on the One Show.

Martha has been incredibly busy recently, she’s appeared on the One Show, filmed a documentary of how the money she’s raised is helping to feed kids in Malawi, she (and her Dad) have written a book (with all proceeds going to Mary’s Meals of course). Its a wonder she ever has time to blog any more. To help Martha and other bloggers, Ellen Arnison has written a piece that may help, it gives useful time-saving tips for busy bloggers.

With all that rushing around, do you ever find yourself stuck? Not knowing where one’s life is heading and so spend inordinate amounts of time on facebook or twitter. Well Kids, Craft and Chaos has this week described that feeling incredibly eloquently.

Scottish Fiction has managed to become unstuck in his blogging with his first gig review in a while. This week he has reviewed a gig by the very talented Rachel Sermanni.

Meanwhile, up in the Highlands, the Assynt Festival has begun. Highland Diary’s first event was a Heritage Trail up Cnoc nan Each or “Hill of the Horses” for those that don’t speak Gaelic. The trail leads the way bronze age hut circles. It all sounds incredibly exciting.

Talking of history, Efrafandays has an excerpt from the Northern Ensign in 1899 of whales being beached in Thurso. Efrafandays corrects the articles, mis-categorisation of the beached whales and marvels at how people were then more carefree about being near germ infested dead animals.

Thats probably not the best note to end on but thats all for this week in the roundup.