And the new Doctor Who is….


I suspect everyone knows by now. What do you think? Here Caron Lindsay muses on who might pick up the sonic screwdriver next.

And as Peter Capaldi prepares for the challenges ahead, so does Polar Scott.  She’s decided to prove she has the Comando Spirit. Hat’s off to that woman.

Hats off elsewhere too. Touch and Tickle talks movingly of an encounter with a devoted mother and the affect it had.

And for making taking a huge decision to move down under, hats off to Dorky Mum. She will very much be missed.

Mary de Bastos who some time previously made that huge decision to move to another country – this time Scotland – has some words on rain.

While All At Sea is still at the seaside with a poem for her children.

And still at sea, Scottish Boating  – went skiff cruising, with some lovely photos of what looks like a great adventure.

It’s August so it must be Festival time, Audrey Birt finds it – and other things – life affirming.

Tartan Tights has fond memories of Alison Hunter.

And as we gear up for work tomorrow, Mike Ritchie recommends The How Not To Guide to PR for anyone on either side of that particular fence.

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