Nights are drawing in…

The kids go back to school tomorrow in some parts which accounts for the tardy Roundup as I’ve been in a flurry of pencil cases and new shoes. It never gets any easier.

But what’s everyone else been up to?

Elizabeth left her kitchen for a trip to Unst which really makes me want to visit.

Mummy Central is pondering the fact that kids have it so easy these days. Well they do, don’t they?

Celebrations for All At Sea as she publishes a collection of poetry and prose.

In a stroke of genius, Foodie Quine flings some Tunnock’s Teacakes on the BBQ. I can’t wait to try this one out.

Ginger Bread Woman is baking as usual. This time, it’s fruity tea loaf.

A farewell post from Jane at A Jack To A King. Her blog has done its job and she’s saying goodbye.

I hope Nicola Barry‘s soap box isn’t too high as it might need guard rails. She’s on it to rant about Health & Safety.

Speaking of health, Naturally Inside Out has a home-made treatment for psoriasis.

A heart-felt plea at Touch and Tickle about SMA screening. Please read.

Meanwhile, Last Year’s Girl is out and about reviewing an Adam Stafford gig.

Bravo to the Moiderer for her decision to become a foster carer.

Little Mummy has been to loads of kids shows at the Festival. If you’re planning a last minute trip, she could inspire you.


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