Non-political roundup

100% accu-rat

I’m writing this on my couch, a couch now covered in baby food thanks to Horatio (my poorly pet rat), who has just stuck his paws in the baby food I am feeding him. On the plus side, the couch covers are washable, so while I wait for him to finish his meal I thought […]

Happy Easter and some fine egg-amples of Scottish blog posts

I was going to start today’s offering with some fluffery and chocolate cakes, yet when I read a post by Juliet Swan on Better Nation I knew that more domestic things would have to wait. Juliet makes the outstandingly obvious observation that surely politics must promote equality. This led me to find out more about […]

Scottish Roundup: Blogging through 2011

Before we crack on with 2012, it’s time for a little look back at the past year on the Scottish Roundup. And while we browse, here’s a video made by our chum Misssy M January 2011 Do you remember the resolutions from way back then? How did you get on? Caron’s daughter forced her to […]

Remembrance Sunday – what does it mean to us?

On Friday I found myself turning on the radio in order to listen to silence. It was the best thing I could do, sitting at home where I work – in silence, to join the rest of the country’s act of remembrance. It was strange, because quiet contemplation is essentially a solitary act, but somehow […]

Scottish Roundup: in which the women do most of the talking

Every week, what gets rounded up depends on who has said what and who is doing the rounding up. This week’s offering is a harmonious medley of female voices. If you’re feeling peckish or nostalgic, or both, Stephanie at Is It Just Me takes us back to her granny’s kitchen. Then Fiona MacInnes writing at […]

Resolutions and Setting the World to Rights

I thought the first week back would be a relatively quiet week for blogging with many people taking a break and recovering from the New Year festivities; however, there were plenty of posts worthy of comment this week. Resolving It’s always interesting to read the first blog posts of the year, often they mention new […]

Snow, St. Andrew and the Scotland Bill

It is great to be back doing a guest editorial for the Scottish Round Up team, I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix. In the week where every broadcaster has been reporting on the snow, the cold or the traffic not moving because of the snow, it seems bloggers have got in on the act […]

A blogging tour through Scotland

Well it’s my first time here at the Scottish Roundup, I was feeling rather relaxed about it until I started reading articles on some of the nominated blogs, articles relating to both spelling and grammar, with Mike Ritchie noting: “There is so much available to read as social media continues to expand but, unfortunately, a […]

A mixture of news, views and pictures from Scotland

This has been a strange week in politics in some respects but obviously politics isn’t the be all and end all of life as we know it (apparently) and therefore there are other topics that I have covered in this weeks roundup There were a lot of recommendations this week with a few leftover from last […]

The last ever NoPoScoBloRo

Hi everyone. Yes, it’s true. After a year, the non-political roundup experiment is being brought to an end. Most agreed that it was better to now re-merge the two roundups, so we will be reverting back to one roundup every Sunday covering the whole blogosphere. In the meantime, though, there is still the past month […]