Nights are drawing in…

The kids go back to school tomorrow in some parts which accounts for the tardy Roundup as I’ve been in a flurry of pencil cases and new shoes. It never gets any easier. But what’s everyone else been up to? Elizabeth left her kitchen for a trip to Unst which really makes me want to […]

End of Term

“School’s out for summer” sang my daughter on Friday “School’s out FOREVER” she rounded off. For a brief moment I had the sensation I was doing this parenting malarky properly if my children can apply classic music lyrics to real life situations. And then she informed me that the song was from Season 2 of […]

A little bit of what you fancy

It’s been a while since I sat in this comfy chair but it’s nice to be back. For me one of the great joys of rounding up the pick of the blog posts is discovering new (to me) bloggers and reconnecting with the one’s I haven’t visited for a while. With this in mind I […]

Some light-hearted fripperies for a Sunday morning. Mostly.

The last time I was invited to compile the roundup it turned out to be a week of heart-string pulling, rage inducing tears and weeping. If it’s okay with everyone else can we switch it up and have something a little more light-hearted and fluffy this time around? Excellent. There is no better place to […]

Take Eight Blog Posts and See Me in the Morning

I can picture the scene. It’s early on a Sunday morning. You went back to work last week, having accidentally altered your genetic makeup to consist almost entirely of mince pie and brandy. You’re beginning to realise you have to go to work again tomorrow. You need a pick-me-up, and fast. Never fear, Dr Roundup […]

Whose blog is topical anyway?

It’s the burd here with the round-up this weekend.  The observant among you will have noticed that I took a bit of a blogging holiday this summer.  Partly it was down to there not being all that much to blog about, but also because I couldn’t quite get round to blogging on topical issues timeously. […]

So much more than politics!

When I put my hand up to edit this weeks roundup I was keen that it introduced me to a wider blogging world in Scotland and I do think it has. I like to think there is some thing here for everyone, thanks to the talent that is out there in the blogosphere. Its impossible […]