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Wars Words Wardrobes and Wages Provide Plenty Of Food For Thought

Posted on behalf of Gayle at Tartan Tights.

Hey everyone.  It’s Round Up time again and this week, it seems that you have all been working overtime to provide us with a wide range of topics up for discussion.

So lets kick off with an offering from Burdz Eye View. This week Kate gives her thoughts on the Government’s recent defeat on Syria and why the pivotal role of Douglas Alexander makes him indispensable to Ed Milliband in the run up to the 2015 election and a potential danger to him afterwards.

Talking of potential there is no doubt that Welsh footballer Gareth Bale has plenty of it but Nicola Barry is furious with the amount of money he will be paid after his move from Tottenham Hotspur to give them there formal name to Real Madrid going as far as to brand it obscene. I have to say I agree I mean he’s not in the same league as Tom Daley. Yes I know it was nearly a year ago since ‘that dive’ but some of us have long memories.

Going in a completely different direction Raymond Weir is enthusing over the work of the author Philip K Dick saying that when Dick is on form he can cram more ideas into one book than some authors can find in an entire career.

Dorky Mum is saying hello from the family’s new home in Hobart. Whilst I’m glad to hear the family are settling well in their new surroundings, all this talk of sunshine and beaches is making me realise that the chances of me getting my swimming cossie on any time soon are about is remote as Scotland winning the world cup or me claiming the strictly come dancing glitterball. Oh well I can dream.

Staying on the theme of families Caron is a very proud auntie and shares that pride with us by sharing 21 moments from the life of her niece who has just reached her 21st birthday. It goes without saying that all involved in round up wish her niece every happiness for a wonderful future.

In contrast It’s Ups And Downs writes about her reaction to the death of her father and why this had little impact on her. This is a very moving post and shows that not all families are close knit units. These are sentiments with which I can readily identify

As someone who is addicted to programmes such as Masterchef to Hairy Bikers and Come Dine With Me I must admit I love reading blogs about food with Foodie Quine being a particular favourite. This week she is talking about an event she is organising on foraging and wild food. This, I must say, sounds like a fun way to work up an appetite.

In the world of fashion  informs us that top trends this autumn will include tartan and pastels at least it will if you believe the cover of this months Vogue magazine and what women in her right mind would cast doubt on the ultimate style bible? Not me and that’s a fact. I also notice she manages to find something on trend at her favourite shop. Yes I do mean Zara.

Richard Jones on offers an excellent nostalgic and at times hilarious post on 31 signs you grew up in Aberdeen. Highlights include having to read sunset song, being suspicious of any building that isn’t gray and claiming that Sir Alex Ferguson was a former Aberdeen manager rather than mention some other obscure wee club in Manchester.

Meanwhile Daft Mamma has joined the parent council at her child’s school and is concerned that the colourful language which she can sometimes use in her posts may not be suitable for such an esteemed organisation. I however take a different view in the sense that these things can be far too staid and may need a wee bit of livening up. If I am as I suspect correct in my thinking, I believe that this articulate and passionate blogger may be just the woman to provide it.

Language is important and to validate this point I as so often do, use an example from the world of poetry. No not mine, I prefer the stunning poetry of All At Sea. This week the poem entitled Bloom illustrates brilliantly that sometimes this world can be a very cruel and unfair place. It also gave a perfect example of what American poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge meant when he said that poetry was ‘the best words in the best order’ It is my opinion that publishers don’t get this poet a book deal and quickly they are guilty of cultural incompetence.

So there we have it a collection of thoughts on wars, words, wardrobes, and wages and it’s all in a good weeks blogging. Well whatever your interests I think you find something to suit your taste and I hope I given you plenty of food for thought.

Have a good week

Gayle X

Nights are drawing in…

The kids go back to school tomorrow in some parts which accounts for the tardy Roundup as I’ve been in a flurry of pencil cases and new shoes. It never gets any easier.

But what’s everyone else been up to?

Elizabeth left her kitchen for a trip to Unst which really makes me want to visit.

Mummy Central is pondering the fact that kids have it so easy these days. Well they do, don’t they?

Celebrations for All At Sea as she publishes a collection of poetry and prose.

In a stroke of genius, Foodie Quine flings some Tunnock’s Teacakes on the BBQ. I can’t wait to try this one out.

Ginger Bread Woman is baking as usual. This time, it’s fruity tea loaf.

A farewell post from Jane at A Jack To A King. Her blog has done its job and she’s saying goodbye.

I hope Nicola Barry‘s soap box isn’t too high as it might need guard rails. She’s on it to rant about Health & Safety.

Speaking of health, Naturally Inside Out has a home-made treatment for psoriasis.

A heart-felt plea at Touch and Tickle about SMA screening. Please read.

Meanwhile, Last Year’s Girl is out and about reviewing an Adam Stafford gig.

Bravo to the Moiderer for her decision to become a foster carer.

Little Mummy has been to loads of kids shows at the Festival. If you’re planning a last minute trip, she could inspire you.


Tennis, politics and holidays but life isn’t strawberries and cream for everyone this week.

It’s the first week of the holidays ( and recess) , the sun is shining and Wimbledon is working its magic on the Nation. (C’mon Andy). So tell me why did I think this was a good week to volunteer to do the roundup?

That  said it has been an interesting week with some fairly explosive local political issues, indyref ping pong, tales of glamping, Dr Who conventions, Wimbledon distractions and some thoughts from carers amongst the birthday celebrations for none other than that wonderful institution the NHS.

So tear your eyes from the telly, don’t light the barbie yet and catch some if this week’s fine Scottish blogs.

Let’s start with by stimulating those taste buds with the Foodiequine’s tales of glamping , quite fabulous picnics that almost have me persuaded and not just because of the rhubarb vodka! These days require a good thirst quencher and if Brewdog’s beers are your tipple you will share Bucketoftongues pleasure at their recent crowd funding success, this new model of growth being all about involving their  community and good beer of course.

Spotsandsparkles takes us through a wet but fab weekend in Edinburgh ( it’s beautiful today!) leaving her readers with a taste to see more. And of course holidays can go hand in hand with romance ….so the Skinnydippingcharter gives us some wise lessons in love. Caron a dedicated Doctor Who fan has been celebrity spotting at a recent Doctor Who convention and wondering how she missed some good gossip ( I did too Caron….unlikely couple?)

Well that’s enough pink and fluffy stuff let’s get down to politics. The Burd is suggesting the Scotland needs British influence, her message being that the other referendum (on EU membership ) is significant for Scotland too and urges the Scottish government to join with the other pro EU parties in a pro EU message. Ian Smart reflects on the language of the indy ref campaign currently with Better Together being re-titled  project fear by its opponents who by default then position themselves was project hope. Ian suggests the truth is much more complex and more honesty would strengthen arguments. And the controversial Falkirk by election is discussed by James in Better Nation who wonders if Unite are truly listening to their members?

As some of you will know I’m a health blogger so I’m glad to be able to share some blogs which offer powerful insights into the impact of loss. First of all Todayoutoften tells of watching the documentary I am breathing about Neil who has MND. She describes how she stops thinking about the condition and starts to understand him, a powerful reason to blog and to hear those with lived experience tell their stories.

“Is this why any of us blogs, to exercise this most powerful freedom?  I love how it allows those of us who share that drive with Neil, to give of ourselves, to have the platform – for the most part, freely – to leave something of ourselves behind.
 And this is my reflection on Neil Platt.  He showed incredible dignity in his fight with MND and  incredible courage to allow the world to see him, as he thought, at his worst.  And I’m sure he was so much more.”

Others who are generously giving of themselves in this way are : Michael who blogs in Carers speaking out, giving us an insight into his experience and learning in his emerging role as carer and Tommy of Tommyontour gives us not only a rich insight into being a carer but along with Extraardvaark in Forever is  an Awfully Long Time, into the pain of loss. Ian Smart leaves politics for a moment to tell of another loss, a loss of a life time partner to Alzheimers and how this year it means he has a holiday to face on his own for the first time.

Each with huge courage and in very unique ways giving us very moving glimpses into their experiences.

Staying on the subject of health my blog this week was on the 65 birthday of the NHS and my wish list for a future vision and commitment to match Nye Bevans original one.What would yours be? For Derek blogging as an associate nurse director from his experiences flying back and forth to Orkney it’s the importance of what makes a service person centred, and asks is not being bad, good enough?

And finally, it’s Wimbledon weekend and all of you watching Murrays match on Friday will have witnessed roofgate! Ellen asks us what we did when the roof was closing? She was incredibly productive, I admit  to being less so. According to Andy his opponent was on the phone…can only guess who to…… But the final thing I want to share with you is this wee tune -a sort of musical blog-which the artist ,Jim asks Andy to download “Hey there Andy Murray” to his iPod by way of encouragement. It’s charming and every so slightly bonkers in a very Scottish way I suspect. I loved it. And all together now (c’mon Andy !)

End of Term

“School’s out for summer” sang my daughter on Friday “School’s out FOREVER” she rounded off.

For a brief moment I had the sensation I was doing this parenting malarky properly if my children can apply classic music lyrics to real life situations. And then she informed me that the song was from Season 2 of the Muppet Show. Oh well you’ve got to take the triumphs where you can, and I’ve been reflecting on my children growing up as has Susan who saw her shy little boy grow into a confident little man.

I’m not the only one who has been thinking about the trials of children growing up Cartside is facing the dilemma of whether to allow her daughter partake in some of the traditions of German schoolchildren as well as discovering that her years as an ex-pat on our bountiful shores has made her a stranger in her own land. A recently returned ex-pat Eggdipdip (who lived in the wilds of London) is relishing in the wealth of natural experiences rural Scotland has brought to her sons, despite the horizontal rain. The horizontal rain and miserable weather has meant that they hadn’t missed sharing the joy of tadpoles and baby frogs with her children.

It’s not all wild woods, nursery schools and frogspawn that our children learn about but Caron discusses whether there is something more that can be done about young girls dealing with the pressure to text sexual images of themselves to their male counterparts. We need to teach our children that the everyone is valuable and that there are consequences to our actions, and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any consequences – except for the girl.

This lack of consequences is sadly replicated within the Burdz thoughts on Child Maintenance (and, as she carefully points out it’s not always the male of the species who is always at fault), she raises the issues that there are many parents who are not only absent in giving physical and emotional support in raising their children but so many more are now failing to provide even minimal financial support and that the burden of resolving this issue is now falling more and more on to the shoulders of the parent with care of the children.

In a wonderful contrast to the breakdown of relationships and the hurt they cause Lallands Peat Worrier gets a little personal and shows rare sign of emotion on the subject of Marriage Equality in an eloquent explanation of why “It’s time” alongside this is Better Nation pointing out how far we have come in the subject of same sex marriage as comparison is made with a mere ten years ago.

Whether you live in a house full of children, on your own, with your spouse or with your bidie in In a Bun Dance’s Ellen waxes lyrical on yet another domestic battle, one that is no doubt familiar to most all of us- that of the mess created by our busy and acquisitive lives. She is trying to embrace the attitude that life is more than un-sticky floors and clean underpants. It’s a lofty goal, I wish I could embrace.

To be honest housework has taken a rather backseat in my life this week. There has been something rather more pressing to cover, the annual two weeks of holding your breath and waiting to see if Andy Murray can make it all the way to Wimbledon Champion (at the time of writing it’s looking as good as it could). As usual the press are all over the key issue of the day, and Scot goes POP! looks at the never-ending Scottish – British debate (and that’s all you’ll get out of me on the Independence debate).

In the meantime since there is no tennis today, I’ll have to make do with the men in lycra on those beautiful bikes whizzing around France, Allonz-y!

A little bit of what you fancy

It’s been a while since I sat in this comfy chair but it’s nice to be back.

For me one of the great joys of rounding up the pick of the blog posts is discovering new (to me) bloggers and reconnecting with the one’s I haven’t visited for a while. With this in mind I make no apologies for a self-indulgent Scottish Roundup.

As the way to one’s heart is proverbially via one’s stomach so let’s start with tasty stuff.

Farmer’s Girl left her kitchen to head south to the Marmalade Awards.

A Wee Pinch of Sugar is celebrating British Pie Week and the work of a Scottish talent, Acanthus Pies

I know it’s old news, but Toad and Feather tells of her first foray to the famous American donut shop.

Scottish Mum has some sensible thoughts about buying and storing food.

Muriel – of Muriel and Jasper fame – has some sage words in a post entitled How To Give Pleasure To Your Husband. Read it and laugh.

A good read? Well old chum Suzanne Egerton sheds some light on her Next Big Thing.

And while we’re on about reading, Dorky Mum gets nostalgic for her days at The Edinburgh Student.

Walking down a sunlit Edinburgh street, Audrey Birt finds herself doing her bit for the Baby Boomers and still finding reasons to be cheerful.

Misssy M Martin
went to cinema and saw Les Mis so we don’t have to. Even (perhaps especially) if you’ve seen it, this is for you. Comes with a coffee snorting warning.

There are a couple of new bloggers’ babies to announce. Both Susan K Mann and Daft Mama are telling their birth stories. Awwww. Many congratulations to you both.

Continuing the spirit of celebrating the new, it only remains to welcome four new bloggers to the scene. Jane Galbraith talks about Choice, Chance and Change, Lindsay is Naturally Inside Out, It’s No Laughing Matter finds life full of surprises and St Vincent’s Hospice has a blogger.

And finally, I’ve been busy this week, but still trying to find time to be mindful.