Scotblogs awards 2010

Voting is now closed. This page will be updated in due course.

Hello, and welcome to the Scotblogs awards. My expectations were exceeded and a staggering 142 blogs have been nominated!

On this page you will be able to visit each of these blogs and judge for yourself which ones deserve your vote. In the interests of fairness, the list of links has been presented in a randomised order. The poll itself appears below this list is randomised again.

I appreciate that presenting the blogs in this random order may make it difficult to find the blog you want to vote for. But it is the fairest way to do it. (There will be no “Alex Salmond for First Minister”-style shenanigans here!)

You can vote for as many blogs as you like, but I suggest that you stick to a moderate amount. Perhaps 10 or 20 blogs would be about right.

There are a lot of blogs to choose from, but it’s okay because you have until 8pm on Wednesday 27 January 2010 to vote.

(NB. If you think the list is incomplete, please bear in mind that some bloggers have chosen to opt out of the poll.)

Without any further ado, here is the list of blogs. Alternatively, skip straight to the poll.

The nominations