SBR2: Conservatives for Independence, the veil and why the S.E. won’t be reading this

Welcome to the second Scottish Blogging Roundup and this week it’s my turn. Before we start, I’d just like to say one thing. ONE NIL, ONE NIL, ONE NIL, ONE NIL! Ahem, anyway, there’s lots of good stuff this week so let’s get straight down to it.

With the SNP doing reasonably well in the polls, Scottish independence is back on the agenda in a big way at the moment. Converts are coming from the most surprising places. This week, David Farrer interviewed Scottish conservative historian Michael Fry on his conversion to the cause. (You may have to scroll down a bit to find the post.)

Will Howell’s has done some excellent work on his new project WebCameraon. Two posts, both definitely worth watching. Top spoofery.

Bookdrunk over at Rhetorically Speaking has some thoughts on the equine nature of women. Oh my. Congratulations are also in order.

And speaking of doctor’s, roundup initiator doctorvee has had some trouble with trains. It never used to happen in the good old days of steam apparently.

Next up, Bill Cameron discusses the US government’s attempts to draw the UK into its criminal conspiracy A dramatic title indeed.

Over at J. Arthur MacNumpty, Will is considering the implications of the by-election for the Markinch and Woodside East on Fife Council. There was a 30% swing to the SNP; is there now no such thing as a safe Scottish seat?

There’s been plenty of talk on Jack Straw’s article and subsequent comments on whether Muslim women should wear the veil. Osama Saeed expresses his concern that “we are witnessing a spiralling race to the bottom as to which party can malign the Muslim community the most”. Shuggy explains that some of the arguments used against Straw’s position are flawed but ultimately takes a liberal view and Caron believes that Straw’s comments reflect Labour’s fundamental inability to respect individuality.

Bernie Hughes looks at the Conservative Party’s prospects in Scotland. Unsurprisingly, they are still dire. Should the Scottish Conservative Party make a unilateral declaration of independence from the Conservatives at Westminster?

Bernie also has an interesting conspiracy theory.

And finally, Holyrood Cronicles reminds us that none of the above posts will be read by anyone in offices of the Scottish Executive. If you thought there was a chance that your voice might be heard within the corridors of power in Edinburgh, think again. The powers that be have taken steps to ensure that blogging subversives like us are unable to disrupt the gravy train system.

OK, one more and finally in the spirit of ITV News at 10 when it was still watchable. I found this yesterday:


This is the biggest spider I’ve ever discovered in Scotland. It just about scared the pants off me. Anyone seen a bigger one?

That’s all for this week folks. Before signing off though, I’d like to add that we’d really like people to nominate posts for inclusion in the roundup, particularly from blogs we’ve not mentioned before. And if you’ve started a new blog, feel free to send us a link for us to plug in our “Newly Discovered” linklog. Please send your nominations to scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks.


  1. Good roundup Garry!

    Every time a spider is found in our house a family member proclaims it to be the biggest yet. They all look much the same to me. Well done for getting it photographed next to a 5p piece though!

  2. I really need to move to Scotland (hint: anyone know of a good job for me?) if that size of spider is all you can do. Replace the 5p with a 10p coin and then imagine the comparable spider to your picture, that’s what I’ve seen down here in Swindon. I wouldn’t mind not seeing those monsters again…

  3. Re the spider – I saw loads on holiday in Dunoon that had tiny heads but freakishly long legs, which were more comparable with a 50p coin. Little swines they were, and I couldn’t open the window (the house owners had locked it and not given us a key, which was helpful) to perform the customary glass/postcard manoeuvre, so I spent the two week holiday performing minor acts of genocide against the spider race.

    BTW, if you’ll indulge the shameless plug, I’ve added a couple of links following the arrival in Blogland of Mark McDonald, my old debating mate and one-time partner at the Dundee Ustinov Open. Despite his use of speech time to place blemishes on my stainless character, I still saw fit to give him a link. And the people he’s linked to. And one or two of the people they’ve linked to.

  4. I rather like small spiders like that – they’re good for keeping the number of flies down. The biggest I ever saw in the UK was when I first lived in London in the early 70’s – body must have been half as big again as a £2 coin – crawling down the wall toward my head, when I was lying in bed reading; never did I get out of bed so quick!

  5. Will P, your blogroll as a whole is a great source for links I can add to the ‘newly discovered’ section. Have you got a lot of new links? I’m sure I looked at your blogroll when I did the first roundup… Hmm.

  6. Thanks… when someone leaves a comment on my own blog I tend to see if they’ve got one themselves, and then I stick the link up (that’s how I ended up putting Bernie Hughes’s effort on there).

    Anyway, my old mate Mark’s blog, Granite City, is the first new one, from whence I followed the links to the others. I added Mark Lazarowicz MP’s blog, after I reached it from North to Leith, which is also a new link. I’ve added Scots and Independent as well.