SBR3: SNP donors, Ewan Aitken and libertarianism

Welcome to this week’s Scottish Blogging Roundup. A bit of an experiment as this week’s roundup is arriving on Friday afternoon. What do you think?

Starting off with a piece of news from last weekend, although the comment on it has continued on to the end of the week. Tom Farmer has donated £100,000 to the SNP. This prompted Will P to write an interesting post about the power of money in politics. The post covers most of the major parties in Scotland. But on the SNP, Will P notes:

…you could argue one of the SNP’s big selling points has been its lack of wealthy backers as they have hitherto gone to great pains to point this out…

Over on the Our Scotland forums they were just having that very discussion! The day before Mr Farmer’s donation was announced, Our Scotland forummer October1974 said:

[The SNP gets] no donations from dodgy characters like the other parties.

David Sim isn’t too impressed either. He proposes an agreement between the political parties to keep expenditure down.

What do you think? It seems as though the SNP can’t win. People are forever pointing at them and wondering where the big name donors are. Then as soon as one comes along everybody rolls their eyes!

Not too long ago it was a quaint wee idea to improve a part of Scotland’s transport system. But it increasingly looks like the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link (Earl) is going to become a big issue in times to come. Holyrood Watcher is getting worried about it.

…a white elephant may be hovering inelegantly nearby. Nor is the newly established Transport Scotland agency sticking its head above the parapet. The whole project appears to be driven by Edinburgh Council and its agency TIE, neither of which has distinguished itself in promoting previous transport initiatives.

Richard Thomson is also unimpressed with Edinburgh Council leader Ewan Aitken’s position on Earl.

Speaking of Ewan Aitken, the Basa has set up an alternative to Mr Aitken’s own blog. It seems as though he’s been deleting comments. Tsk. SNP candidate Davie Hutchison supports the alternative blog for putting Ewan Aitken’s actions on watch.

Mark McDonald isn’t impressed with the Lib Dems’ turnaround on the Graduate Endowment.

Meanwhile the alien in Inverness asks, Is there any hope for the SSP?

Looking beyond our shores, Garry has something to say about North Korea’s nuclear test.

Welcome to our Club

The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea. Hands up everyone who feels proud to be on that list.

Meanwhile, Shuggy takes a look at the reaction of the Socialist Worker and CND.

Confusingly, Mr Eugenides has invaded The Devil’s Kitchen. He points out Chris Dillow’s question for libertarians and liberals: “What currently illegal thing do you personally really want to be free to do?” Judging by the comments at DK’s place, most people just want to go around in the nude.

Maybe you want the right to bear arms. Neil Craig shares with us an unpublished letter to The Herald.

And sticking with the libertarian theme, Bernie Hughes has something to say about so-called progressives.

This reminds me of a debate I had with somebody about boycotts during a politics tutorial last year. When I pointed out that her boycotts were probably costing people their jobs she said, “But when people boycott things they are trying… to make… things better.” Yeah, but those workers are still losing their jobs.

Osama Saeed has a few things to say about the government’s approach towards Islam.

With talks on Northern Ireland going on in St Andrews, Stephen Glenn wonders if an agreement could be on the cards.

I’ll round things off now with a bit of navel gazing I’m afraid as we take a look at Scottish blogs themselves. Mchugh left a comment here bemoaning the fact that “nearly all [Scottish] blogs are right-wing, libertarian or conseravtive.”

But this week saw the launch of a new Scottish blog, Scottish Political News trying to give the Scottish right a boot up the rear!

One of the intentions of this blog is to try and stimulate right wing thinking and debate in Scotland. At the moment the Scottish Conservatives are not doing that well…

This is confusing. One of the reasons I wanted to re-start the Scottish Blogging Roundup was because I thought Lib Dem and Conservative / libertarian blogs dominated the scene. But now I’ve found out that left-libertarians and the Scottish right are nowhere to be seen! Mind you, one theory goes that the people who are attracted to political blogging are those who feel that their perspective is under-represented in the media.

Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered a lot of new Scottish blogs (especially SNP blogs) which was very much my intention. Keep checking the ‘newly discovered’ linklog on the right panel to keep tabs on all of the latest voices on the Scottish blogosphere.

Until next week, get those suggestions sent in to us at scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com. Seeya later!

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