SBR5: Why you should pay attention to bloggers

Roll up, roll up. It’s roundup time again! First off, a few little notes. I know that Google’s Blogger service has been dodgy this week, but there is some particularly odd stuff going on at Bernie Hughes’ place. It seems as though his blog has been hacked! Ow. Anybody know what’s going on?

More amusingly, Mr Eugenides briefly found himself as the top result for “fuck” in Google Blog Search. I guess that makes him the biggest fucker of them all.

Also, Iain Dale has been looking for Scottish political blogs to link to. What a coincidence — we are aswell! The fact that he needs to ask kind of backs up the point I made when I relaunched this roundup. Scottish bloggers aren’t being noticed in the wider world — we need to up our game! Having said that, the standard is high this week — a few bloggers have multiple entries I’m afraid.

But why should Scottish bloggers matter, you ask? Cassilis knows why.

I couldn’t possibly defend some of the more lurid headlines and scaremongering you often find in the Daily Mail but it always puzzles how people quick to criticise the Mail appear blind to the agenda’s being pushed by their own newspaper of choice (usually the Guardian). Granted those agendas might be advanced with a little more tact and subtlety but they are agendas nonetheless.

Speaking of The Daily Mail‘s agendas, Bookdrunk criticises the Mail‘s confused stance on a vaccine against cervical cancer.

It’s true about the agendas. I don’t read any daily newspapers for that reason. The only ‘newspaper’ (as they call themselves) that I read is The Economist. Better to get a variety of views on the internet and dip in to all of the major news organisations’ websites.

The Scottish Executive tries to encourage people to take public transport to work. But David Farrer sees a certain someone taking the car every Tuesday and Thursday. The car’s engine is usually running while it waits for its passenger.

Holyrood Watcher takes a look at Jack McConnell’s other big environmental problem: the question about nuclear power, which puts Labour in the uncomfortable position of being the only political party in Holyrood taking a strong pro-nuclear stance.

Back to politicians and excess, Shuggy has alerted us to the fact that the smarmiest, most odious New Labour bumwit — a man who always makes me turn the television off whenever his smug, Blair bumlicking face pops up — has topped the list of MPs’ expenses. Well done Eric Joyce, you’ve achieved something at last! Mr Eugenides has more on this.

Peter Chebri takes a closer look at the gravy train, exploring the most notable fiddles muddles by Scottish politicians. Chebri says he’s had a painful experience with corrupt politicians himself.

As always, Edinburgh City Council comes up trumps. Holyrood Watcher notes that they have just spent £100,000 on new furniture.

Reactionary Snob takes a look at John Reid in a strong post.

What an illiberal bastardo, ‘Bomber’ Reid has turned into since taking up the reigns at the Home Office. You can almost see him in a tank as it harrumphs down Whitehall… or, more correctly, he probably sees this image in his Buckfast & Chips ‘n cheese fuelled dreams.

John Reid might have to find something else to fuel his dreams as Patricia Hewitt has proposed raising taxes of drinks that are drunk mostly by those evil youths in an attempt to curb binge drinking. Boorach at The Anti Arty Farty Party isn’t impressed.

Meanwhile Shuggy notes that if it is designed to place alcohol out of the reach of teenagers’ pocket money then they are probably too young to be drinking in the first place! Of course the kids would just start drinking something else. So well done yet again, Labour!

While we’re on stupid law territory, David Sim doesn’t get the new booster seat laws. He suggests a more novel approach to keeping youngsters safe. “Awesome, Wicked, Safe,” that is.

Meanwhile, Rosie Kane has been jailed for not paying the fine she received after an anti-nuclear protest. Gordon the Ranting Raver is pleased for her: “To go to jail for a belief is more than I have ever done in my life.”

Phew, this is too much controversy. Maybe we should try to look at somebody else other than politicians. Mike Power takes a look at comments made by the Imam of Manchester Central Mosque about the execution of homosexuals in Iran. Is it really true that Catholicism is just as nasty to homosexuals?

Meanwhile, Neil Craig has something to say about Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s suggestion that Muslims should apologise for the September 11th attacks. Craig suggests that Catholics might have a bit of apologising to do aswell.

Jarndyce wants to know, why is prostitution defended because it’s “the oldest profession”?

Angry Steve Hill ponders on the fact that Scotland has been an oversized Labour rotten borough for so long.

These folk, who claim we’ve been suffering under an iron rule of Toryism probably have never seen a tory in their lives, apart from on the televsion.

Jack McConnell’s been getting an awful lot of stick recently for his attacks on independence. His speech at the J.P. Mackintosh lecture generated a lot of reaction. Holyrood Watcher is unimpressed.

We have to tolerate immigration policies designed to placate The Daily Mail? We benefit from interest rate decisions geared to the economy of south-east England?

To which an anonymous commenter replies that were the SNP to be in charge, interest rate decisions would probably be made in Frankfurt.

Will P has a different point to make. While Labour accuse the SNP of obsessing over the constitution, Will P has trouble knowing what Labour’s policies on schools and hospitals actually are because they’re too busy obsessing over the constitution! Whoops.

Stephen Glenn looks at the West Lothian Question. Meanwhile, Scottish Political News is coming round to the idea that a federal structure might be best for the UK.

How well would that work though? Holyrood Watcher (again!) looks at the possibility of Scotland gaining more fiscal autonomy. He thinks the chances are slim.

Is this getting too anoraky? Just you wait until you’ve seen the post from Make My Vote Count taking a look at next year’s local elections in Scotland which will see the introduction of the Single Transferable Vote to regular UK elections. If you ask me, STV should be getting used in all elections.

We’d better leave it there before we get too geeky. Remember to get your nominations in for next week’s roundup by the usual means. You can tag a post in as for:scottishroundup or you can email us at scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com. Seeya later!

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