November 2006

SBR9: Cross People and Crosses

The very late appearance of this post can mean only one thing; yes, its my turn to do the roundup this week. Unlike the good doctorvee, it would appear that I’m fundamentally unable to do anything in a timely and organised manner. (That sound you hear is everyone who knows me nodding emphatically in agreement.) […]

SBR8: Why you should pay attention to bloggers (again)

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s roundup! I think there’s been a lot of brilliant blogging this week. It’s a shame that I’ve had less time to read them over these past few weeks. In case you were doubting the relevance of blogs, a little intervention from Matthew Taylor, Tony Blair’s strategy advisor, provides […]

SBR7: Racism and Statism

Hello and welcome to this week’s roundup (slightly late due to the fact that the I’m a stranger to organisation at the weekends. OK, even more of a stranger than usual). My thanks to Doctorvee for taking over last week at short notice. Right then, what have we got this week? Reactionary Snob reacts to […]

SBR6: Reactions to The Scotsman’s new monthly poll

Hi. Sorry the roundup is a bit late and rushed this week. Garry is unable to write this week’s roundup, so you’ve got me again. Undoubtedly the big talking point among Scottish bloggers this week has been The Scotsman‘s new monthly opinion poll. Anthony Wells points out that these will be the first regular Scottish […]