January 2007

A couple of notes

I’ve finally got an ‘about’ page sorted out — although it’s just an edited version of an old post I wrote on my blog. It does the job though. Also, I’m pleased to announce that our first guest editor is on board, and it’s none other than Holyrood Watcher! He will be doing tomorrow’s roundup. […]

SBR 15: Celebrating 300 Years of Union

Hello again and welcome to another Scottish Blog Roundup. This week saw the 300th aniversary of the Act of Union. Gordon at Ranting and Raving has one simple question. The celebrations may have been decidedly low key, non-existent really,  but bloggers have had plenty to say on the subject. Neil Craig has a look at […]

SBR13: 2007 and Independence (again)

Happy new year and welcome to the first roundup of 2007. This year could be a momentous one for Scottish politics. Is it possible that Labour could lose control of the Scottish parliament, a parliament they only created because they thought they’d be able to dominate in perpetuity? The opinion polls suggest they might but […]